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Looking forward to springtime

Nothing says “happy beginning of spring” like waking up to a layer of snow. Thankfully, Beaufort County and eastern North Carolina seemed to dodge most of the nor’easter that pounded so much of the surrounding regions.

It feels like this winter is never going to end. It hasn’t been particularly harsh, other than that little bit of snow and residual ice that plagued the area in January. While children were kept out of school and some adults struggled to make it to work, Beaufort County dealt with it well.

This winter didn’t disrupt too much, but so many people are ready for it to be over. The area got a taste of spring a few weeks back when temperatures shot up and stayed in the 70s for a few days.

It was little more than a tease.

It’s expected to warm up again in the middle of next week. However, the early-spring showers are here to stay, according to 10-day weather forecasts.

There are many features of spring in Beaufort County to look forward to as winter slowly eases its way out. Trees and flowers will bloom again soon. It makes for a more enjoyable stroll around the Washington waterfront or a drive east on U.S. Highway 264.

In fact, getting outside in general is a perk of this time of the year. Going for a morning jog is less daunting a task when battling the bitter cold isn’t involved. There are also all the local sports options — baseball, softball, and soccer — for a fun weekday evening. Springtime baseball — before the scorching eastern North Carolina summer — is the best way to enjoy America’s pastime.

Finally, it’s generally a mood booster. Some people suffer from seasonal depression, but the spring tends to wash that away. A study from Rutgers University explored the affect flowers have on one’s mood. A University of Michigan study looked into the way springtime weather impacted the brain in terms of mood and chemistry.

Springtime in this area is special. Winter may be dragging on, so remember what there is to look forward to.