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Sheriff gives April activities report to Columbia board

Tyrrell County sheriff’s deputies responded to 655 law enforcement calls inside Columbia during April, Sheriff Darryl Liverman reported to the town’s board of aldermen on May 7.

There were 27 ambulance and two fire calls in Columbia in April too.

Among the 655 calls officers responded to two assaults, two communicating threats, two disputes, a disturbance, a fight, two frauds, seven intrusion alarms, nine investigations, three juvenile complaints, four larcenies, a missing person, two noise disturbances, a harassing phone call, 12 drug violations, a sexual assault, six suspicious conditions, persons or vehicles, 64 traffic stops, an unconscious person, and seven vehicle unlocks.

Officers issued 39 citations, and among them were 10 speeding charges, including one for driving 69 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.

In the northwest quadrant of the town, as defined by Scuppernong Drive and Broad Street, there was one investigation and 19 citations.

In the northeast there were eight investigations, 11 citations, one order for arrest for injury to personal property, and two warrants served for financial card theft and obtaining peoperty by false pretense, and for obtaining property by false pretense.

The southwest section saw one investigation and three citations.

And in the southeast area there were five investigations, six citations issued, and one order for arrest served for contempt of court.

Four warrants were served in the sheriff’s office: larcency, misdemeanor child abuse, possession of cell phone by an inmate, and possession of controlled substance on prison/jail premises.

The two deputies assigned to duty inside Columbia drove 2,343 miles during April.