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To the class of 2018

This past weekend, hundreds of students throughout Beaufort County celebrated a major milestone in their young lives. Leaving behind the confines of their respective high schools, seniors in both private and public schools turned their tassels, marking the beginning of the next chapter.

One of the greatest joys for a reporter at a community newspaper is having the opportunity to share in some of our readers’ most special moments, highlighting them for the enjoyment of the broader community.

Between our coverage of the various graduations throughout the week and the special graduation section that came out in last week’s paper, we have sought to capture these some of this past week’s most special moments for posterity.

For the sentimental among us, the practice of clipping photos and stories from the newspaper is a way to keep memories for years to come. Whether arranged neatly in a scrapbook or tucked away in an old shoebox, these reminders of days gone by become even more special over the years.

For many of our high school seniors, being in the newspaper is nothing new.

They might have been a ‘good morning’ on our front page, sharing a message with the world. Maybe they were the subject of a page-spanning photo in our sports section, a snapshot of what they will later recall as their glory days. Perhaps they were captured on camera during a local festival, or had their picture taken while doing some type of interesting activity at school.

Whatever the circumstances, we hope that the class of 2018 will hold on to some of these mementos from their childhood. We hope that they will remember their time in school fondly, and we thank them for sharing some of their special moments with us.

As our young people embark on their next journey, whatever it may be, we at the WDN wish each of them nothing but the best. To quote the venerable Bob Dylan:

“May God bless and keep you always

May your wishes all come true

May you always do for others

And let others do for you

May you build a ladder to the stars

And climb on every rung

And may you stay

Forever Young”
“May you grow up to be righteous

May you grow up to be true

May you always know the truth

And see the lights surrounding you

May you always be courageous

Stand upright and be strong

And may you stay

Forever Young”
“May your hands always be busy

May your feet always be swift

May you have a strong foundation

When the winds of changes shift

May your heart always be joyful

May your song always be sung

And may you stay

Forever young”