Time for a reckoning

Published 8:25 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018

To the editor:

It is time for a reckoning. It is time because our political strife CAN get worse. Today, especially, is hard to believe that things can get worse but here are the facts. On July 16, 2018, the President of the United States said in clear terms that he believes our archenemy, Russia (in the dictatorial form of Vladimir Putin), more than he believes the intelligence community of his own country.
If you cannot accept that as fact then please do not bother reading further.

There is no question that Russia tried to manipulate the 2016 elections. Forget for a moment who they were trying to get elected but just ponder this fact — a foreign country tried to disrupt our elections.
If that does not bother you then please not bother reading further.
There are many thousands of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the critical task of keeping us safe from foreign invasion or interference. When #45 had a chance to honor those heroes on January 21, 2017, he chose to talk about his electoral college victory while standing in front of stars which represent CIA agents who gave their lives keeping us safe from foreign invasion or interference. This clearly illustrates Trump’s disrespect for the CIA and his lack of understanding of its value or the personal effort of its agents on our behalf.
So, whose assessments does he value, Russia’s or the USA’s? The United States Congress was faced with a decision whether to formally sanction Russia for its primary role in interfering with the 2016 election. In a rare show of bipartisan patriotism, the United States Senate voted on July 22, 2017, 98-2 for sanctions against Russia, and the House voted 419-3 for sanctions. This meant that Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian legislators, believed the intelligence agencies and demanded that Russia be sanctioned. Trump responded by single-handedly dictating that no sanctions would be levied against Russia.

If you do not believe these facts than please do not bother reading further.
In a rare political slip by Putin (a press conference on July 16, 2018) he was asked if during the USA presidential campaign he favored one candidate over the other. He replied that he wanted Trump to win.
If you do not accept this as fact then please do not bother reading further.

We have no idea why Trump is being manipulated by Putin (perhaps it is in Trump’s tax information which he will not disclose) but Russian manipulation of Trump happened and it will continue to happen unless the Republicans, Democrats and all other patriots of this country take a hard look at the facts and decide that this country is worth saving by removing Trump from office now.
If you are not one of those patriots then please do not bother reading further.

Peter A. Farrell

Former Captain, United States Army