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4-H day camp traditions continue

Over the past 30 years 4-H Camp Wannagoma (“want to go, ma!”) day camps, which has served hundreds of youth with new topics and activities each year, have been coordinated by Louise Hinsley, Extension Agent, 4-H. This summer, the action-packed theme was “Fish.”

4-H Camp Wannagoma! is a Beaufort County 4-H day camp for students entering 3-5 grades. It was held June 26-28 and campers Sarah Apple, Brooke Baxter, Sophie Berry, Seth Biggs, Brooklyn Bose, Katie Bose, Saoirse Casey, Landon Davenport, Noel Dew, Ava Gray, Tyson George, Susan Hunnings, Lamine Kebe, Cassidy Modlin,Tripp Rabon, Gage Spencer, Will Taylor, Hayes Walker and Ashleigh Wallace all took part in the fun.

4-H Critter Camp is Beaufort County 4-H day camp for students entering in first and second grades. 4-H Critter Camp was held July 10-12 and campers Manfred Alligood, Landry Berry, Hannah Bogenn, Raegen Bogenn, Cameron Cobb, Nate Coidan, Logan Copes, Peighton Copes, Jackson Dunbar, Daniel Elliott, Madison Gilkeson, Saer Kebe, Evan Laughlin, Luke Marshen, Cole Phillips, Jackson Potter, Jordan Potter, Miller Robinson, Gentry Sadler, Gabby Smith and Allie Tetterton learned about eastern North Carolina critters.

The first day of the camps, teen volunteers and campers gathered at Goose Creek State Park for a day of fishing, crabbing and swimming with the Rangers. Due to rain, 4-H Camp Wannagoma shifted the Monsoon Fishing Tournament inside. Teen volunteers John Hinsley, Kelli Linton (NCSU Summer Intern), Sarah Spencer and Ashley Woolard saved the day by coordinating nine fun and “fishy” games, and the tournament was a huge success. Later that day, the Rangers led a class on snakes and other animals found in the wetland terrain. Those in 4-H Critter Camp were able to fish and crab with Ranger Joe Hawley and Seasonal Ranger Melanie Strand, and enjoyed swimming at the swim beach area at the park.

On other days, campers gathered at the North Carolina Estuarium where Russ Chesson, NC Estuarium educator, led activities. Campers enjoyed cruising on the Pamlico River on the pontoon boat, taking pictures and completing a scavenger hunt on the waterfront. After refreshments, the campers toured the facility and entered the classroom to create a “Gyotaku” fish print to take home. Another day, they travelled to the Aurora Fossil Museum and enjoyed a fresh flounder sandwich on the ferry ride from Aurora to Bayview. 4-H Camp Wannagoma campers had additional excursion to the North Carolina State University Aquacultural Field Lab in Aurora. The campers had great 4-H experience with hands-on learning during both camps.