Emergency management urges preparation as Florence approaches East Coast

Published 2:20 pm Sunday, September 9, 2018

The following statement was issued by Beaufort County Emergency Management on Sunday afternoon:

The variance between forecast models have diminished greatly over the weekend, and we are now getting consistent information indicating the following:

  • Florence will most likely approach our coast as a Category 4 storm. Most models indicate that the center of the storm will make landfall in the Wilmington/Morehead City area Thursday night and Friday morning. Conditions for Beaufort County could deteriorate as early as Wednesday evening/night.
  • Florence is expected to take a general NW track across our state and into Virginia. Some models suggest a track as far west as the piedmont and triangle area. Others suggest a coastal track very similar to Hurricane Isabel.
  • Recent model runs suggest that Florence will stall near the NC/VA boarder, and linger or drift before moving back out to the Atlantic. Precipitation models under this scenario indicate rainfall amounts between 7” to 18”.

As many of you know, our office believes in open, honest communication and sharing as much information as possible. In this particular case, we are just going to be blunt. This is a dangerous storm, and Eastern NC will most likely be significantly impacted. If you have not begun your preparation efforts, do so now. Also ensure that your neighbors and friends are doing the same. Your planning and preparation efforts should include the following:

  • Plan for, and be prepared to evacuate if asked. This evacuation process may not be local, and require you to travel beyond Beaufort and neighboring counties.
  • Ensure that your plans include any preparations needed for pets and livestock.
  • Plan and prepare to be self-sufficient for at least 5 days. (Food, water, medications, clothing, etc.)
  • Anticipate wide spread, prolonged power outages, infrastructure failures and blocked roadways.

We will be increasing our communications in advance of this storm, so please continue to monitor you email, as well as local and social media outlets.


As always, feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.