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Write Again … So very grateful

Should any of the following strike a chord with you, should you share similar feelings of gratitude — and not just a little amazement as well — then this pleases me.

As I have previously mentioned, personal ramblings on my part are not done from a strictly egocentric perspective. It’s always my hope that, at least for some, there is a sense of a mutuality of feelings, self-awarenesses. As I said, that really is always my hope.

My family. Like so many, most of you, I hope, my family is my greatest point of pride, and engenders in me an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude.

My wife. My Incomparable First Wife. That fate should have dealt me such a winning hand never ceases to amaze me. How in the world did such good fortune find me?

Sometimes I (not so) jokingly say it was the metallic blue, white top, Buick Skylark convertible. It was purchased with that which I managed to save during my three years in the Army, from monies also saved from the sale of a two-door Ford which my father’s company bought, and from financial help from my father.

To mention the myriad personal qualities of my Sally would take a lot more space than that which I am allotted by this paper. A lot more space.

Our children. Our two daughters. What fine ladies they are. Sarah, the older of the two, is as good a mother as anyone could ever possibly be. Such assertion is not hyperbole. Her husband, and her three children, are truly blessed to be her family.

Mary Bart is special also. Like her sister she is very pretty, smart, and holds herself to high standards. And like her sister she was and is very athletic.

She truly has a passion — and in her case “passion” is not a stretch — for animals, particularly rescue dogs.

Both girls share our political perspective, although Sarah, who lives in a very upscale environment in Connecticut, where affluence is the norm, is low-key about her feelings in that regard. She knows that she lives where a tilt to the right is prevalent. Not that mean-spirited, right wing, slash-and-burn conservatism, however. It’s more of a what’s-best-for-me-financially viewpoint.

Then there are Sarah’s three children. Wonderful in every way, of course. Much as are your grandchildren. Of course.

So, that’s my story, the much abbreviated version, of why I feel so blessed. Why I am grateful beyond words to express.

May your feelings, your sentiments, be much like mine.

Enjoy your weekend.