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Write Again … Tell me I didn’t

Some things that happen I label the “Bumper Sticker Syndrome.” You know, “stuff” happens.

Indeed it does. I suspect most of us have experienced this, for sure. And the following little story most certainly qualifies. Here’s how it was.

One lovely Sunday morning some years ago when we lived in Manteo, I sat down to eat breakfast.

And then it happened.

You see, I had placed two pills on the table. One was for me, the other for our family pet, Buster, a very lively Boston Terrier.

I’m sure you’re ahead of me now. And know where this is going.

I took my pill, and then, just a little later, while still at the table, I did it.

Oh, yes. Evidently not thinking, I popped the remaining pill right into my mouth, took a sip of water, and down went that little sucker.

It was then I realized that no remaining pills meant I had done it. Actually done it, for I knew I hadn’t given one to Buster.

Well, now. I had a sit-u-a-shun, for sure. And I really didn’t want to go to church not knowing what if any consequences I might face.

After she had stopped laughing, and realizing that I was concerned, Sally called our vet, Dr. Dee Shumway, at his house.

I listened, anxiously, and was a bit concerned when Sally was quiet, and for a long-seeming spell didn’t say anything.

When the call ended, I immediately asked what the vet said. She said for a while he just didn’t say anything.

“Why?” I asked her, maybe fearing the worst.

“He couldn’t talk, because he was laughing so hard.”

Not funny, I thought.

Then she told me that he thought I would be okay, but to keep a watch out. Especially if before going into the church I stopped beside one of the plants and lifted a leg.

Well, I didn’t, and I survived taking Buster’s pill.

True story.

Note — Looking on the positive side of that little event, at least I was protected for a month from heartworms.