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Quilter’s Guild gifts offer comfort in times of trouble

It’s an annual event that makes a deep impact. Every year, the ladies of the Pamlico River Quilter’s Guild gather for the group’s annual charity luncheon, donating hundreds of quilts to local causes, ranging from pediatric intensive care units to area hospices.

Whether the recipient is just entering the world, or coming to the end of their life, the quilts donated by the guild are given in hopes they will bring warmth and comfort, letting recipients know they are loved.

The luncheon is the guild’s biggest meeting of the year, and has been happening for at least 13 years. At the head of the luncheon, co-chairs Brenda Wilson and Kathy Schaffter say that guild members work on their pieces throughout the year in anticipation of the charity luncheon.

“Some people are very prolific,” Schaffter said. “They make a lot and the recipients sometimes ask for specific things like walker bags or bibs. We kind of try to do some of the things they ask for, as well as lap quilts.”

“Part of our mission is to serve the community and educate ourselves on quilting,” Wilson added. “We just enjoy doing it.”

On the receiving end, six organizations benefit from the labors of the guild — Ronald McDonald House, River Trace Nursing Home, Ridgewood Manor Nursing Home, Community Home Care & Hospice, the Pediatric ICU at Vidant Hospital and the Coastal Pregnancy Center.

“We had a mom that stayed at our house that had twins,” Ronald McDonald House employee Katie Hall shared. “One did not make it while she was staying with us, but she has one that is 17 now. She was calling us to tell us about her journey and she still has the quilt that we gave her. We give them out once the families check out, and that quilt just meant so much to them on leaving. It’s very important to give them that comfort, and knowing that someone made this for them specifically is really important to them.”

DINOSAURS GALORE: Retired teacher Debby McCullough shares a dinosaur print quilt she made in hopes it would make a child smile at Ronald McDonald House.

SPECIAL FRIENDS: Toni Reiner shares a trio of teddy bears she made for children at the Ronald McDonald House.

SHOW AND TELL: Joan Neubert shows a quilt she made for donation during a show and tell session of the charity luncheon.

GIFT FROM A FRIEND: Paula Roach shares a quilt that was donated by a friend for the charity luncheon. The friend, whose husband had passed, never had a chance to give him the quilt, and thought that it would be fitting to give it as a gift.

GIFTS OF LOVE: Stacks of quilts sit on a long table, sorted by destination. The donated quilts will bring warmth to children and adults alike.