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Knowledge at your fingertips

It’s never too late to learn something new. Even if your days of riding the bus to school, raising your hand or saying “present” during roll call or hoping sloppy joes will be served for lunch are way behind you, it doesn’t have to mean you stop learning. In fact, constantly educating oneself, even when one has already graduated, should be encouraged. After all, why wouldn’t you want to be a more knowledgeable version of yourself?

Whether you want to learn more about American history pre-Civil War, pick up another language or acquire some new skills that can help you in the work place, the resources are out there and available for you to take advantage of. The first option, Brown Library right here in town, is the most cost efficient. Free for residents of Washington, or $10 a year for a library card for residents of Beaufort County, Brown Library’s catalog of books supplies an extensive array of sources of knowledge.

The library’s website, Washington-nc.libguides.com, provides even more for you in the form of online courses. Free with the possession of a library card, over 500 online courses are available, ranging in subjects such as accounting, how to do it yourself, web development and many, many more.

If you need a more structured environment to learn, opposed to teaching yourself, going back to school at Beaufort County Community College is always an option. Whether you wish to earn an associate degree, certification in a specific trade or just take a class here and there in a course that interests you, BCCC offers it all.

The bottom line is don’t let the fact you last stepped into a classroom long ago keep you from learning and acquiring more knowledge. Even as you get older, the journey to learn and better oneself shouldn’t stop.