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Protecting our pristine coast

To the Editor:

I have to take issue with Sen. Harry Brown’s proposed Senate Bill 377 to ban wind turbines within 100 miles of the coast, claiming that this will conflict with the military’s operations.
Sen. Brown seems to be using scare tactics implying that our bases may close if we have wind farms. Actually, the military is very involved in the approval process, and thus they work together to make it a win-win situation. For example, despite Brown’s attempt to stop the Amazon wind farm in 2016, the Navy disagreed with him and said it did not interfere.
The Amazon project is now injecting more than $1.1 million into the local economy of Perquimans and Pasquotank counties — very welcomed in these previously distressed counties.
The oil industry is currently “chomping at the bit” to start seismic blasting and oil drilling off of our pristine coast. Not only would this damage our precious marine life, but could hurt ALL of our economy, military included, and tourism (which brought in $45.8 million into Onslow County in 2017).
Shouldn’t each county speak for themselves regarding wind farm opportunities? Wind farms have the potential of bringing great income and job opportunities into depressed farm communities.
Please speak up and tell your representative to stand up to Sen. Brown and support our communities and renewable clean energy in our state!

Harriet Altman