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Local students excel in Mathletics Competition

For the fifth year running, students from throughout Beaufort County exercised their minds and math skills on April 13 during the annual Beaufort County Schools Mathletics Competition.  Trophies and medals were awarded to the winners, and the event saw several ties. Students competing were in third through fifth grade. MHAworks, a Greenville architectural firm, sponsored the event.



Third Grade

1st Place — Alex Wainwright, CPS (Perfect Score)

1st Place — Eliza Kelder, BES (Perfect Score)

1st Place — Kevin Staton, BES (Perfect Score)

1st Place — Trinity Modlin, BES, (Perfect Score)

2nd Place — Liam Parisi, BES

3rd Place — Annaleigh Garcia, BES

3rd Place — Christina Selby, BES

3rd Place — Kyleigh Ayers, CPS


Fourth Grade

1st Place — Carr Eagles, JSS

1st Place — Trevor Chrismon, JSS

2nd Place-Morgan Lewis, BES

3rd Place — Hazy Murphy, JSS


Fifth Grade

1st Place — Adan Plasencia, NES

2nd Place — Tyson George, BES

3rd Place — Luis Arriaga Arvizu, JSS



Third Grade

1st Place — Math Maniacs, CPS (Perfect Score)

1st Place — Three Amigos, JCT (Perfect Score)

2nd Place — The “A” Team, BES

2nd Place — Math Pirates, BES

3rd Place — Math Sharks, BES


Fourth Grade

1st Place — Lighbulb, BES

2nd Place — Equivalent Eagles, JSS

2nd Place — Mini Einsteins, BES

2nd Place — Number Ninjas, JSS

3rd Place — NES Numerators, NES

3rd Place — Soaring Subtraction, JSS

3rd Place — Whiz Kids, NES


Fifth Grade

1st Place — Always Right, NES

2nd Place — Fraction Formula, JSS

3rd Place — BES Pirates, BES