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Honoring faithful service

Tyrrell elections board chairman Cecil Lilley (left) presented a plaque to former board chairman Buddy Swain (center) during the board’s August 27 meeting, recognizing 30 years of faithful service. “We are thankful for his dedication to the election process and to the voters of Tyrrell County,” Lilley said.  Debbie Swain (right) retired on August 31 after 12 years as elections director.  She was Tyrrells’ first North Carolina Certified Elections Director and had 35 years of service in N.C. elections. “It has been a pleasure to work and get to know the fine people of Tyrrell County,” she said. Current elections board members are: G. Cecil Lilley, Jr., chairman; Inetta L. Knight, secretary; Edith Deltgen, Deborah Huth, and Darryl Liverman.