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Saturday Night Jamboree

It was Halloween recently at the Red Men’s Lodge in Washington when The Saturday Night Jamboree held its annual Halloween Carnival. Register Marlene Sprouse and Kerry Parr distributed game tickets and “treat Bags” to 148 clients. President Marlene Sprouse started the fun and led the activities.

The six booth sponsors and workers were as follows:

Sponsored by Love Missionary Baptist Church, workers included Pat Turner, Brenda Congleton, Cindy Edmonds, Preacher Doug & wife Dot Bachelor, Ann Sheppard, and all church members.

Wares Chapel United Methodist Church, workers included Donna Parker, Shane, Chloe and Julie Vanderpool and Kathy.

3 Beaufort County Veterans Group, workers included Don and Melba Sayers, Mike Gill, Doug and Sandra Steppe, Grace Cox and Vivian Dioyer.

Beaufort County Grange, worker were Velvet Avery, Kathy and Brandi Lilley.

Bubbles the Clown, workers included Joyce Carawan, and Martha Seighman.

Disable American Veterans of America, workers included Joshua Sansom and Rose Andrew.

Other caring volunteers helping out were Elwood and Marlene Sprouse, Jim and Tine Sadler, Ken Wood, Kerry Parr, Kathy and Brandi Lilley, Elain and Tom Grubb, Frankie Walker and Kenny Beacham. The DJ was Kenny Beacham

Refreshments and a bagged snack was packaged and supplied by Zion Episcopal Church after the blessing was said by Judy Hollis

Best costume prizewinners were Bobby Windley, Jerome Harris and Silene Colwell

The next Jamboree will be held Nov. 9 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Red Men’s Lodge in Washington.