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Deed transfers: Oct. 14-20, 2019

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Oct. 14-20, 2019.


Oct. 14

Randy Earl Martin (tr) to Mark Nano, 1.01 acres, Bath Township.

Northgate Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC, lot 171, Northgate, Washington.

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Anita Perez-Hernandez, lot 171, Northgate, Washington.


Oct. 15

Betty Lou Sutton to Jennifer Lynn S. White, lot 3, U.S. Highway 264, Long Acre Township.

Charles D. Sopher to Matthew T. Sopher, lot B, Washington.

Linda Faye Woolard to Bernis M. Jones Jr., 3.12 acres, Mill Hole Road and Harvey Avenue, Long Acre Township.

Jacqueline D. Prutzman to Harry W. Meredith Jr., property at Gum Street, Belhaven.

Mavis H. Woolard to Marvis H. Woolard, 1 acres, Terrapin Road, Long Acre Township.

Cynthia Katherine Brooks to Elizabeth A. Brooks, two parcels, Breezy Shores at Pamlico River, Bath Township.

Murphy H. Moore to the Town of Belhaven, property at Water and Pamlico streets, Belhaven.


Oct. 16

Dana Wilson Eddings to Emily Eddings Woolard, lots 9-10, Fairview Avenue, Washington Park.

David G. Johnston to Jeffrey W. Bowes, lot 25, Catnip Estates, Bath Township.

Sarah H. Stephens to Anita S. Cutler, lot 6, block P, Pamlico Village, Long Acre Township.

Clarence Staten (tr) to Roberty Whitley Jr. Family Liminted Partnership, property on Dan Taylore Road, Washington Township.

Sudie Lamancusa (adm) to Harris Investment Group LLC, two tracts, .343 acres, .035 acres, Main Street, Long Acre Township.


Oct. 17

Karen H. Williams to Gail W. Joyner, lot 39, Bayside Shores, Chocowinity Township.

Eleanor J. Draper to Terry William Draper, property in Long Acre Township.

Garland R. Beddard Sr. to Jean Warren Woolard, lot 62, Nicholsonville, Washington.

Norman Stilley to Sabrina Foster, property at Core Point Road and N.C. Highway 33, Chowinity Township.

Edward Drew Ermelin (tr) to David E. Marziale, lot 138, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.

Elliot L. Melton to Felecia Reaves, property on Aycock Street, block Q, Wanoca, Washington.


Oct. 18

Emmett E. Casey to Justin A. Casey, property at N.C. Highway 32 and U.S. Highway 264, Long Acre Township.

Marvin Earl Moore to Ethel Whitehead, 6.7 acres, Beaufort County.

Martha L. Crisp to Elizabeth L. Seyferth, .207 acres, tract B, Chocowinity Township.

William Leon Jones to CMH Homes Inc., 1.855 acres, Cayton Road, Chocowinity.

Hugh Barr to CMH Homes Inc, property in Chocowinity Township.

Donald W. Morris to London MacKenzie Bundy, three tracts, N.C. Highway 92 and Pamlico River, Bath Township.

Stephen W. Carawan to TJS Land Development LLC, property at Riverview and Heber streets, Belhaven.

Patricia Crompton to Patricia Crompton, property at East Main and Brown streets, Washington.