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Dedication to community

This time of year, especially for Halloween, there are always plenty of events for children in the local community to enjoy. These fun happenings take place at churches, schools and places at the center of communities throughout Beaufort County.

While some, such as the Harry Potter Halloween at the Brown Library, are organized by paid staff members, others are made possible entirely through volunteer efforts. What they all have in common, however, is something special.

At each of these events, organized solely for the benefit of children, there is a common thread of caring for the community. These are events where every child is welcome. No matter what their home life or family situation, they get the chance to be happy for a night.

What is it that makes these events tick? Why do people go out of their way to make sure children have a happy Halloween?

They could just as easily not lend a hand. It would be much more convenient to stay at home and let someone else deal with putting on the big events. But that’s not what they choose to do.

Instead, these people throw their efforts behind making children happy. That’s a commendable thing. They don’t just put in the bare minimum and call it a day. Rather, they pull out all the stops to make special memories for kids that will last them a lifetime.

To those who give of themselves for this end, thank you. Your efforts matter. You have done your part in making children smile, a precious gift for the entire community. Never let the importance of that simple thing fade away. Please keep doing what you are doing. It’s because of dedicated people like you that the community is the vibrant and caring place it is.