Commissioners race shapes up in primaries

Published 8:40 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Note: All vote totals remain unofficial until canvassing is complete on Feb. 13. Results of state and federal elections will be posted later this evening as they become available. 

While voters waited for state and national results on Super Tuesday, Beaufort County Republicans watched an equally interesting race unfold on the local level. From a field of seven Republican candidates for the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, Hood Richardson, John Rebholz, Randy Walker and Tandy Dunn will appear on the ballot in November.

Richardson managed to seize first place in the contest with 1,692 votes, followed by Rebholz with 1,039 votes. In third and fourth places, respectively, Walker (919 votes) and Dunn (811 votes), also managed to secure a place on the ballot, topping out fellow Republicans Jerry Evans (781 votes), Galen Swain (108 votes) and Gary Blount (97 votes). Only 30 votes separated Dunn and Evans.

Two Democratic commissioner candidates, Jerry Langley and John Carbone, will appear alongside the four Republicans in November. Because there were fewer than four Democratic candidates who filed to run for the board, Langley and Carbone did not have to face challengers in the primaries.