County schools retirees boast combined 806 years of service

Published 9:02 pm Friday, August 14, 2020

As Beaufort County Schools prepares to return open with remote learning next week, 33 staff members countywide will embark on a new journey of retirement. With a combined total of 806 years of services, those retiring have served in a variety of roles, from teaching and providing support in the classroom to ensuring that students have healthy meals and safe, comfortable school environments.

“Beaufort County Schools would like to sincerely thank the retirees of 2020 for their dedication and service to all the students and families whose lives they touched throughout their careers and we wish them much joy and happiness in the future,” said BCS Assistant Superintendent Mark Doane.

While COVID-19 prevented BCS from hosting its annual retiree dinner this year, principals and supervisors shared their thoughts on those retiring, and their service to countless students over the years.

Annie Ruth Cullipher, exceptional children teacher, John Small Elementary School

“She was a smiling face, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and everything in between. She is kind, trustworthy and a friend to all and will be greatly missed at JSS.” — Kelly Makepeace

Gloria Green, fifth grade teacher, John Small Elementary School

“She devoted many years to educating many students coming through the schools. She will be greatly missed.” — Kelly Makepeace

Lillian Moore, data manager, John Small Elementary

“Lillian Moore worked as the John Small Elementary School School Data Manager for 27 years. She was the heart of and backbone of our school, our preacher, our counselor and our comedian. Her absence will be felt, but her legacy will remain forever!” — Kelly Makepeace

Gwendolyn Williams, custodian, P.S. Jones Middle School and John Small Elementary

“Gwendolyn Williams, also known as Mrs. Gwen, was a hard-working, dedicated custodian for 32 years. She spent 26 years at P. S. Jones Middle School and the last six years at John Small Elementary School. While quiet in nature, she was always seen with a big smile and a positive attitude. She will be missed for her loyalty and friendship to all!” — Kelly Makepeace

Sarah Hemby, teacher assistant, S.W. Snowden Elementary

“Sarah Hemby has dedicated many years of her life to the education and well-being on students. She is a hard worker, organized, compassionate and the nicest person you can ever meet.” — Debra Windley

Stephen Whitley, health and PE teacher, S.W. Snowden Elementary

“Stephen Whitley worked as the health/PE teacher at Snowden Elementary School. He also served as the athletic director. Mr. Whitley was always punctual, friendly, responsible and willing to help out whenever he could.” — Debra Windley

Jim Wood, math teacher, S.W. Snowden Elementary

“Jim Wood volunteered to delay his retirement for a year to teach middle grades math at Snowden, which tells you a lot about his character already. He does not mind helping out in any area. He is great with analyzing data.” — Debra Windley

Ann Clark, bookkeeper, John Cotten Tayloe

“Ann Clark is awesome in every way! Dedicated, trustworthy, knowable and consistent only scratch the surface of who and what Ms. Ann meant to many students and staff at JCT.” — Keith Mitchell

Chenequea Guion, custodian, John Cotton Tayloe

“Chenequea Guion is a dedicated and dependable team player who took time with the students and staff making a difference each and every day. “ — Keith Mitchell

Willie Hodges, teacher assistant, John Cotten Tayloe

“Willie Hodges is a loving and enduring educator who made each and every student and teacher feel important and valued.” — Keith Mitchell

Carolyn McBride, teacher assistant, John Cotton Tayloe

“Carolyn McBride is a patient, dependable, flexible, loving, hard-working person. She was a true blessing to the students and teachers she worked with.” — Keith Mitchell

Darnell Ross, Sr., child nutrition manager, John Cotten Tayloe

“Darnell Ross, Sr. is absolutely the best cook in Beaufort County who always had a smile on his face and willing to help anyone do anything.” — Keith Mitchell

Cindy Braddy, pre-k teacher, Chocowinity Primary School

“Cindy Braddy has worked with many families in Chocowinity and has a reputation that glows. Her love for children and relationships with parents and community helped to build the successful perk program at CPS.” — Alicia Vosburgh

Patricia Shelton, pre-k teacher assistant, Chocowinity Primary School

“Patricia Shelton was a pillar in our school as a perk assistant. She worked within the community and her church to build a partnership that was successful. Her knowledge of the community and the outreach to others served our school well.” — Alicia Vosburgh

Carol Minor, bookkeeper, Chocowinity Primary School

“Carol Minor kept everyone on track, making sure we had all the supplies, opportunities and needs met. She served the staff in a pleasant and loving way.” — Alicia Vosburgh

Elizabeth Mottler, speech pathologist, Chocowinity Primary School

“Elizabeth Mottler spent time working with students that needed her the most and created positive learning environments with them, as well as maintaining positive working relationships with parents.” — Alicia Vosburgh

Lorie Alligood, math teacher, Bath Elementary School

“Lorie Alligood is a passionate educator that cares deeply for her students and colleagues. She always went over and beyond to make her lessons engaging for her students and ensure that all of their needs are meet. Her love for students shined through every day in and out of the classroom.” — Spencer Pake

Alice Faucette, media coordinator, Bath Elementary School

“Alice Faucette was a leader throughout the entire school and community. Some may say she was the staple for Bath Elementary. She wore many hats as the media coordinator and has many outstanding qualities, but most important is her love for children. She made sure that no child went without during her tenure at Bath and knew all the students and their families. She saw the ‘big picture’ when it comes to a K-8 school and went out of her way to help her colleagues.” — Spencer Pake

Katherine Holt, third grade teacher, Bath Elementary School

“Mrs. Holt was a dedicated teacher that was usually the first one in and the last one out. She is passionate about her students and worked countless hours to make sure she was meeting all of their needs.” — Spencer Pake

Joann Krantz, music teacher, Bath Elementary School

“Joann Krantz’s love for music and teaching showed every day in her classroom. She thrived at bringing the best out in her students and it showed through her amazing programs, put on year after year.” — Spencer Pake

Virginia Keech, AIG teacher, Bath Elementary School

“Virginia Keech was an inspiring teacher that challenged her students to think on a higher level and be independent learners. The love she had for her students was evident every time you walked in her classroom and witnessed the interaction between them.” — Spencer Pake

Tracie Bowen, math teacher, Bath Elementary School

“Tracie Bowen is a dedicated educator that commands the room with her presence. She goes over and beyond to ensure her students are prepared for the next level and forms a positive rapport with her students and colleagues.” — Spencer Pake

Susie Pierce, health and PE teacher, P.S. Jones Middle School

“Susie Pierce dedicated her life to education. She not only taught physical education and health, but she also coached many sports to our athletes. She loved her students in and out the classroom, and was a phenomenal employee who always gave 100%.” — Tracey Nixon

Amy Alligood, media coordinator, Northside High School

“Amy Alligood brought a wealth of knowledge and experience with her when she came to Northside and was a huge asset to the leadership team.” — Charles Clark

Mike Williams, drafting teacher, Northside High School

“Mike Williams was the ‘Voice of the Panthers’ for several years, announcing many of our sporting events. He was dedicated to Northside and his students.” — Charles Clark

William Ambrose, custodian, Northside High School

“William Ambrose has a smile that will light up a room. He always greets people with such a positive outlook and always willing to help out any way that was needed.” — Charles Clark

Paulette Cole, bookkeeper, Chocowinity Middle School

“Paulette Cole served students, families, and the faculty and staffs of Chocowinity High School, Southside High School and Chocowinity Middle School for 35-plus years. She is compassionate and friendly, has never met a stranger and gave 110% to her job. The south side of the river will miss her smiling face in our halls every day, but wish her a great retirement.” — Brianna Williams

Sherry Hill, technology engineer, BCS Central Services

“Sherry Hill is one in a million. She was always friendly and patient and willing to help in any way she could. Her knowledge and expertise will be greatly missed.” — Stephanie Godley

Cathy Fields, accountability department, BCS Central Services

“Cathy Fields’ organizational skills and attention to detail were wonderful assets to the Accountability Department. A hard worker with an exceptional personality, she went above and beyond what was required not only on the job but as a team member as well. Cathy joined the accountability department in 2014 and served on the team for six years.” — Vickie Bennett

Ethel Satchell, school nutrition, BCS Central Services

“Ethel Satchell was such an icon for School Nutrition here at Beaufort County Schools. If you needed anything related to school nutrition, you could call her and she would be able to help you. It was a pleasure to work beside her for many years.” — Joanne Kirven

Alfred Edwards, maintenance department, BCS Central Services

“Alfred Edwards is the kind of fellow that would do anything needing help. Whether it was his department or not, he would go out of his way to help. The maintenance department will greatly miss his team spirit.” — Melvin Bradley

Stan Hudson, maintenance director, BCS Central Services

“Stan Hudson dedicated many years of service to the Beaufort County School Maintenance Department. He was always will to give a helping hand to all schools and departments.” — Melvin Bradley

Ricky Woolard, transportation mechanic, BCS Central Services

“We are very thankful for the dedication and service of Ricky Woolard. During his tenure as a school bus technician, he would greet every day with a smile no matter the task or the climate, while keeping students ‘safe and on time’ to their destination!” — Jerry Wynn