Deed transfers: Sept. 13-19, 2020

Published 6:23 pm Monday, September 28, 2020

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Sept. 13-19, 2020.


Sept. 14

  • James A. Gent to James Albert Gent Jr. (tr), three tracts, Shoreline Drive and Pungo River, Dowry Creek, Pantego Township.
  • Kenneth Michael Crowley to Nevill LLC, property on Second Street, Pungo Town, Washington.
  • Samuel R. Woolard (tr) to Eubanks Mechanical Inc., two parcels, Everett Lane and Slatestone Road, Long Acre Township.
  • Donna J. Kettler to Alonzo Rogers, lot 11, Captain’s Walk, Chocowinity Township.
  • Michele L. Remington to James B. Remington, lot 96, Carolina Shores, Bath Township.


Sept. 15

  • Paul A. Minor to Turnage Road LLC, 4.946 acres, Bath Township.
  • Eleanor S. Warren to Eleanor S. Warren, property at American Legion Road and Albemarle Drive, Somerset, Washington.
  • Barnes Investments LLC to Lauren Nicole Saunders, property at Bonner and Fourth streets, Bonner’s New Part, Washington.
  • Scott Sachs to Scott Sachs, .87 acres, 11th and Respess streets, Washington.
  • Laurcour Farms Inc. to John Ledden, lot 100, Laurcour Farms, Washington Township.
  • Dempsey Ange to Daniel L. Midgette, property at Broad Creek, Swamp Road, Pantego Township.
  • Kimberly S. Atkins to Mary T. Asby, lot 101, Hudnell’s Bragaw-Blount, 13th and 15th streets, Washington.
  • Marlean Sawyer Jackson to Carlton A. Jackson Sr., property on Long Ridge Road, Long Acre Township.
  • Harris Investment Group LLC to Rigoberto Nava Curiel, lot 2, block D, Deerfield.
  • Patricia S. Hassell (tr) to Kevin Youngs, property at Back Creek Drive, Handy’s Point and King Street, Bath.


Sept. 16

  • Dolores Hayes Morgan to Dwain Coty Woolard, property on Ormond Avenue, Bayview, Bath Township.
  • Wiley M. Woolard to Ashley McMullan Woolard, 4.59 acres, Washington Township.
  • Ashley McMullan Woolard to Marsha Woolard Young, 4.39 acres, Washington Township.
  • Tavner L. Dixon (tr) to Tavner L. Dixon, tract A, 1.892 acres, Chocowinity.
  • Tavner L. Dixon to Tavner L. Dixon (tr), tract A, 1.892 acres, Chocowinity.
  • Michael T. Harrell to James Brown Stancil, lot 24, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Christopher C. Adams to Lorie Tetterton Alligood, lot 27, Treasure Pointe, Bath Township.
  • Adam Feldhousen to Heather A. Eads, lot 39, .50 acres, Justin Drive, Magnolia Shores, Long Acre Township.
  • Patricia Ann Stallings to Robert Smith, lot 24 Iron Creek, Washington.
  • Timothy L. Crompton to IRAR Trust Co., property at McNair and Second streets, McNair Town, Washington.
  • Willie B. Hogans to Pamela L Harper, two tracts, Keyesville Road and U.S. Highway 264, Long Acre Township.
  • Donna Hales Thompson and Clifton L. Hales Jr., property at Nicholson and 14th streets, Nicholsonville, Washington.
  • Emma Langley to Emma Langley, property on Cherry Run Road, Washington Township.
  • Rosemarie Lilley Smith to Robert Christopher Coggins, lot 9, Old Fort River Shore, Chocowinity Township.
  • Israel Shachia to Wilkins Family Irrevocable Trust, lot 489, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Dedric U. Wilkins (tr) to Wilkins Family Irrevocable Trust, lot 277, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.


Sept. 17

  • Lisa Ertell to Sara Wainwright, property in Chocowinity Township.
  • Kidd Construction Group LLC to Benjamin Whitehead McKenzie III, lot 1, Cypress Ridge, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • John Scott Winfield to Monica T. Oro, 2.847 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Pamlico Investments LLC to Brookshire Holdings LLC, two tracts, Bath Creek, Brookshire, Bath Township.
  • Bobby L. Moore to Cecil Byron Brown Jr., property at N.C. Highway 33, Richland Township.
  • Charles D. Sopher to Joseph Waylon Williford, lot 22, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), .45 acres, Tankard Drive, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), Tract A, .601 acres, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), 27.44 acres, Long Acre Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), property on King Street, Bath.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), Lot 2, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), Lot 1, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), .303 acres, N.C. Highway 92 and King Street, Bath.
  • Cori S. Fritz to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), three parcels, 31.36 acres, 32.17 acres, 32.22 acres, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), lot 25, Mixon Creek, Bath Township.
  • Richard A. Fritz II to Richard A. Fritz II (tr), lot 4, Bath Creek and Post Road, Bath Township.
  • Jackie Leonard Gaskins to Carroll Lee Allman, .177 acres, King and Carteret streets, Bath.
  • Carton Ray Cherry to Daniel Salinas Najera, lot 3, Possum Track Road, Chocowinity Township.


Sept. 18

  • Zachary M. Blackman to Janie B. Mitchell, lots 11-13, Foxtrot, Pantego Township.
  • Patrick Iredell Mooney to Shara Dawn Mooney Chilcoat, property on Pamlico Beach Road, Bath Township.
  • Tina G. Hopkins to Ocean Limo Group Corp, two tracts, Beacham Drive, .67 acres, 4.01 acres, Bath Township.
  • Charlie Jackson to Adam Fitzgerald Fritsch, property on Warren Chapel Church Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Hilton Wayne Waters to Richard Earl McArthur, 6.9 acres, Tract III, Pamlico River, Bath Township.
  • John C. Robinson to Walter Francis Siller, Slip 33, Day Beacon #9, Belhaven.
  • Alma M. Credle to Phyllis C. Skinner, parcel 23, Bath Township.
  • Winnie J. McRae to David R. Welham, lot 26, block C, Iron Creek, Washington.
  • Lifequest Inc. to Kelly’s Children’s Home Inc., lots 157-158, Nicholson and 10th streets, Washington.
  • David C. Johnson to Tracy J. Warren, property at Main Street, N.C. Highway 92 and Bath Creek, Bath.