Three incumbents, one newcomer take 4 seats on Board of Commissioners

Published 10:46 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Beaufort County Board of Commissioners incumbents Democrat Jerry E. Langley and Republicans John Rebholz and Hood Richardson will return to the Board. Republican Randy Walker, who was long contracted by the county to video and edit commissioners’ meetings, has won the fourth seat available in the 2020 election.

Richardson and Langley watched the numbers come in at the Beaufort County Board of Elections on Tuesday night. Both said there was little surprising about the outcome of the race.

“I’m happy with what I see,” Langley said, after early voting/absentee ballots had been tallied and 16 of the county’s 21 precincts had reported. “The most important thing is that everyone wants to work together and accomplish some things. From what I see, we should be able to do that.”

Richardson said he doesn’t find elections to be stressful: “I campaign every day, so I don’t worry about it. My record is my campaign.”

For Richardson, he said the primary issue right now isn’t really with the Board of Commissioners, but the Beaufort County Republican Party.

“I’m looking forward to the Republicans, to them deciding whether they’re going to be liberal or conservative, and that’s the leadership of the party,” Richardson said.

The vote unofficial vote counts for Beaufort County Board of Commissioners are:

  • Jerry E. Langley (D): 6,990
  • Hood Richardson (R): 5,589
  • John Rebholz (R): 4,431
  • Randy Walker (R): 3,644
  • Tandy Oliver Dunn (R): 2,993
  • John Carbone (D): 1,698

There were 91 provisional ballots that will require investigation by the Beaufort County Board of Elections, and, at the time of posting, a number of absentee ballots may be counted at a later date, as long as these mail-in ballots were postmarked  by Election Day and arrive at the Board of Elections by Nov. 12.