Election round-up

Published 7:08 pm Thursday, November 5, 2020

Beaufort County stayed true to its conservative nature in the 2020 presidential election, with roughly 60% of votes cast for Republican candidates in races ranging from the highest office in the land to Beaufort County’s representative for the Soil and Water Conservation District.

North Carolina Rep. Keith Kidwell, a Republican, won a second term in the state house, defeating newcomer Democrat Nick Blount in a 63.85% to 36.15% split. House District 79 is comprised of Beaufort and Craven counties.

Beaufort County voters put their weight behind North Carolina Senate District 3 candidate Thomas J. Hester, but his challenger, Bertie County Commissioner Ernestine “Byrd” Bazemore, received 51.99% of the vote in the district that includes Vance, Northampton, Bertie, Martin and Beaufort counties.

District supervisor for the Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation will continue to be Tracy Warren, owner of Warren Sports Headquarters in downtown Washington. Warren won the race against Adam Phillips, of Chocowinity, with 74% of the vote.

Local races in which candidates were running unopposed, candidates and vote counts are as follows:

  • Beaufort County Register of Deeds, Jennifer Leggett Whitehurst, 20,234
  • Beaufort County Board of Education, District 1, Eltha Booth, 2,067
  • Beaufort County Board of Education, District 3, T.W. Allen, 1,831
  • Beaufort County Board of Education, District 5, F. Mac Hodges, 2,087
  • Beaufort County Board of Education, District 7, Carolyn Walker, 2,061
  • Beaufort County Board of Education, District 9, Terry Draper, 2,470

Races in North Carolina’s Judicial District 2 (Beaufort, Hyde, Martin, Tyrrell and Washington counties) with unopposed candidates were:

  • District Court Judge, District 2, Seat 3, Chris McLendon, 32,671
  • District Court Judge, District 2, Seat 4, Keith B. Mason, 32,218


The following shows how Beaufort County voters voted in relation to state tallies. An * indicates presumed winner of each race.

U.S. President

Donald J. Trump-Mike Pence (R): 16,352/2,732,084

Joe Biden-Kamala Harris (D): 9,575/2,655,383


U.S. Senate

*Thom Tillis (R): 15,369/2,640,379

Cal Cunningham (D): 9,390/2,543,672


U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

*Greg Murphy (R): 16,659/227,462

Daryl Farrow (D): 9,043/131,011


N.C. Governor

*Roy Cooper (D): 10,229/2,803,782

Dan Forest (R): 15,627/2,563,258


N.C. Lieutenant Governor

*Mark Robinson (R): 16,385/2,773,751

Yvonne Lewis Holley (D): 9,319/2,595,868


N.C. Attorney General

*Josh Stein (D): 9,893/2,684,854

Jim O’Neill (R): 15,730/2,674,085


N.C. Senate District 3

*Ernestine Bazemore (D): 9,297/45,246

Thomas Hester Jr. (R): 15,996/41,775


N.C.  Representative District 79

*Keith Kidwell (R): 16,133/25,145

Nick Blount (D): 9,256/14,236


N.C. Auditor

*Beth A. Wood (D): 10,396/2,701,357

Anthony Wayne Street (R): 15,087/2,611,323


N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture

*Steve Troxler (R): 16,667/2,874,607

Jenna Wadsworth (D): 8,857/2,459,302


N.C. Commissioner of Insurance

*Mike Causey (R): 15,945/2,749,145

Wayne Goodwin (D): 9,471/2,559,696


N.C. Commissioner of Labor

*Josh Dobson (R): 15,712/2,701,336

Jessica Holmes (D): 9,739/2,609,502


N.C. Secretary of State

*Elaine Marshall (D): 10,360/2,726,837

E.C. Sykes (R): 15,213/2,605,730


N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction

*Catherine Truitt (R): 15,980/2,726,948

Jen Mangrum (D): 9,467/2,578,238


N.C. Treasurer

*Dale R. Folwell (R): 16,103/2,786,254

Ronnie Chatterji (D): 9,314/2,510,557


N.C. Supreme Court Justice, Seat 1

*Paul Newby (R): 15,718/2,670,031

Cheri Beasley (D): 9,861/2,667,031


N.C. Supreme Court Justice, Seat 2

*Phil Berger Jr. (R): 15,900/2,698,424

Lucy Inman (D): 9,506/2,624,144


N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice, Seat 4

*Tamara Barringer (R): 15,636/2,720,036

Mark Davis (D): 9,605/2,589,411


N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 4

*April C. Wood (R): 15,970/2,741,226

Tricia Shields (D): 9,297/2,550,369


N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 5

*Fred Gore (R): 15,856/2,710,332

Lora Christine Cubbage (D): 9,367/2,573,425


N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 6

*Chris Dillon (R): 15,991/2,742,823

Gray Styers (D): 9,201/2,534,635


N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 7

*Jeff Carpenter (R): 15,912/2,721,358

Reuben F. Young (D): 9,238/2,551,167