Deed Transfers: Nov. 15-21, 2020

Published 2:28 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Nov. 15-21, 2020.

Nov. 15

  • Teresa T. Fletcher to Adam Mcbryde Howell, Lot 16, Cedar Circle, Long Acres Township
  • Charles G. Lewis to Samuel Vone Johnson III, 3.47 acres, Chocowinity Township
  • D. Windell Carawan to Trent Perry Carawan, property exchange, Washington Township
  • Trent Perry Carawan to Trent Perry Carawan, property exchange, Washington Township
  • Ann Marie Montague to Johnnie Franklin Edwards, lot 24, Pamlico Plant, Long Acres Township
  • Linda F. Little to Belinda Little Sawyer, lot 2, Pamlico River, Bath Township
  • Stephen Napoleon Blouin to Denise Whitaker Askew, lot 136, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township
  • Rebecca Lynn Rogalla to Curtis Jackson Liverman, lot 46, Camp Leach Establishment, Bath Township
  • Jeffrey A. Hardin to Grimes Built Construction LLC, lot 4, Laurcour Farms, Long Acres Township

Nov. 17

  • Kenneth L. Brighton Tr. to Michael L. Simon, lot 71, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township
  • Crosswind Partners LLC to Northwinds Home Owners Association INC, property exchange, Northwinds, Chocowinity Township
  • Frank Merinsky III to Vincent R. Jones, lot 87, Winfield Estates, Bath Township
  • Ethel Blount to Samuel Homes, property exchange, Richland Township
  • Geizel Hernandez to Christoper L. Hines, lot 13, Carolina Shores, Bath Township
  • Bruce G. Miller to James B. Ingalsbe, property exchange, Washington Township
  • Jennifer Fagan Woolard to Matthew Anderson, lot 1, Long Acres Township

Nov. 18

  • Rupert Moye Godley Jr. to Michael Lee Bauder, lot 1-3
  • Gene Bullock to Gene A. Bullock, lot 153, Northgate, Washington
  • Phyllis Langley Burroughs to William Bryan Edwards, lot 4A, MWA Development, Long Acres Township
  • David Lee Moore Jr. to David Lee Moore Jr., property exchange, Long Acres Township
  • Mack P. Hodges to George Walter Selby III, lot 53-54, Washington

Nov. 19

  • Sondra Spivey Bright to Kenneth R. Spivey, 3.75 acres, Chocowinity Township
  • Sondra Spivey Bright to Sondra Spivey Bright, 7.57 acres, Chocowinity Township
  • Sondra Spivey Bright to Winston Lee Spivey, 7.57 acres, Chocowinity Township
  • Kenneth R. Poorman to Ellen Barkley, 1.65 acres, Long Acres Township
  • Kenneth R. Poorman to Christopher Chrismon, .89 acres, 8.26 acres, Long Acres Township
  • Desmond A. Powell to Larry H. Murph, lot 31, Treasure Pointe, Bath Township
  • J. Bryant Kittrell III to Sallie Yeatman Thomas, lot 1, Queens Way, Long Acres Township
  • Jesse Steven Mayo to Paul Jones Halstead Jr., 1 acre, Dublin Road
  • Ira Robinson to Valerie C. Ferrante, .74 acres, Lot B, Richland Township
  • County of Beaufort to Thomas Scott Deal, 6.7 acres, Richland Township
  • County of Beaufort to Thomas Scott Deal, 9.84 acres, Richland Township
  • James Emmert to T&H Developments LLC, 3 acres, Washington Township
  • Janet Clare Grobe Hood Tr. to Chase William Ehler, lot 32A, .49 acres, Long Acres Township
  • Northgate Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC, lot 44A, Northgate
  • Will Kuhn Homes LLC too Tracy E. Everett, lot 44A, Northgate

Nov. 20

  • Jack R. Bray to Stacy C. Thiedman, lot 20, Bridgewater North, Bath Township
  • Heather Ecklin Asby Woods to Samantha Harris Mansfield, lot 1, Smallwood, Washington
  • Charles Euugene Sasser to Thomas Wayne Hartley Jr., property exchange at Sparrow Road
  • Patrick J. Favinger to Susan Bass Strickland, property exchange, Pungo River, Bath Township
  • James Leon Normal to Dominique Brandt, lot 18, Somerset Place, Tarboro Street
  • Carolyn K. Kroll to Hannah S. Schmidt, lot 66, Pamlico Plant, Long Acres Township
  • Ronald L. Mclawhorn to Alex Vaughn Mclawhorn, 1.38 acres, Chocowinity Township