Write again… Let us seek the sunlit uplands

Published 2:56 pm Thursday, December 10, 2020

Well, here we are, friends, on the cusp of another year. If not the “cusp,” then dang close to it.

How do the lyrics of that iconic song go? “And the days dwindle down, to a precious few.”

There is a time of looking back as a new year fast approaches. That is only a natural inclination, I would think.

Then, we look forward, also, and do so with hope that the new year will bring with it better days than many of this year’s were, for so many millions of our fellow human beings all across the earth.

Winston Churchill, during the darkest days for England in World War II, would tell the people that there would come a time when once again they would reach the “sunlit uplands.”

May we here in our land, and all over the world, live to reach those sunlit uplands. This is our great desire, our wish, our prayer.

May we see, experience, in the new year to come, a kinder, gentler America.

May we turn away from divisiveness, harsh words, demonizing those who don’t share our own opinions, perspectives.

May our new leaders model positive behaviors, and examples, and seek to unite, not divide us.

Okay. I know. I’m getting all touchy-feely now. Well, maybe, just maybe, a little “touchy-feely” is what we need. The “Make my day” and “Bring ’em on” mentality doesn’t seem to be working too well. Only in Hollywood movies.
Then, again; what do I know?

I mean, I guess listening to the scientific-medical community, as regards just what we need to do and not do during this onslaught of the pandemic, isn’t for everyone. Even one of our county’s elected officials lets us know the pandemic is a hoax. He may even be among those who believe there was widespread fraud in the “stolen” election. “Alternative facts”? Enough about this, about opinions, beliefs, held by some – by many, it seems – that are not going to change. Which always brings me back to Albert Camus’ quote: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Human nature.

Let us simply be grateful for the blessings we have, all those we have had, and the hope of better days to come.

May this be so . . . for everyone.

APROPOS – “ Hope is a risk that must be run.”

– Georges Bernanos