Good news and signs of spring

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2021

My friend Will Tyson cheered me up the other day and he didn’t even know it.

Despite what the groundhog from up north predicted last week, I’m am hoping, perhaps even planning for an early spring-like one that starts next week. The sooner the better and I know I am not alone.

The is a contrarian in every crowd, so I guess some are enjoying the cold, wet, gloomy weather we’ve endured for the last month. I am also aware that I can head farther south if I don’t like it. I’m working on it, but it’s not time yet.

Anyway, Tyson is the president of Washington Youth Baseball League and he texted me to post registration information for the upcoming season on our website and in print. I immediately felt a little warmer as several thoughts popped into my head.

Not only is baseball a universal sign of spring-think spring training, green grass, blue sky, etc.-it’s a sign that maybe, just maybe our world is returning to normal.

Last year, the youth league’s baseball and softball programs didn’t start until the heat of summer, played an abbreviated schedule and didn’t have any kind of post-season all-star events.  It was certainly better than not playing at all and I’m sure the kids had fun, but it will be even better to play a normal schedule during the regular time of year, so families can plan in advance instead of on the fly.

The City of Washington was supposed to host the Tar Heel League District baseball tournament and the Babe Ruth girls softball state tournament at the McConnell Sports Complex, but COVID-19 erased those plans and the projected revenue that accompanied them.

Tyson told me the baseball tournament is coming back this year in early July and they are in negotiations to host the state softball tournament. Let’s hope both become reality, not only to help the city coffers, but to improve our mental outlook as well.

Prospective baseball players should register at Sign-up is open through February 26. Tryouts are on the 27th and that’s the only day to register in person.

Here are a couple of updates while I await my turn to get the vaccine. Congrats if you already have yours.

Kudos to Washington High School football coach Perry Owens for correctly predicting the Super Bowl winner. He was spot on when he said to never bet against the G.O.A.T.

Owens also said injuries along the Chiefs offensive line could make it rough for Patrick Mahomes in the face of the Tampa Bay pass rush. Good job coach.

Finally, there’s good news to report on the Jaden Hambric story from last week.

Jaden is recovering well and slowly resuming athletic activities with the Pam Pack after donating bone marrow to his older brother Jordan last week at Duke University Hospital in Durham.

Jordan is undergoing chemotherapy to make sure his body doesn’t reject the transplant and the doctors say he is doing well so far.

The boys’ mother told me the doctors told her Jaden had “super strong” bone marrow that was easy to harvest and was the best sample that Jordan could have received.

That should put a spring in your step for sure.