High Five: Pam Pack football player prepares for final season

Published 3:49 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2021

We asked area athletes five questions so you can get to know them a little better. Today’s guest is Washington High School senior linebacker Adam Bonner. The Pam Pack opens their COIVD-19 delayed football season Feb. 26.

  1. Who has been your most influential teacher and why?

Adam: My Civics teacher, Ms. Tucker because she is the only teacher I have face to face class with. She makes Civics interesting and she takes the time to get to know her students.


  1. What has been the hardest part of dealing with COVID-19?

Adam: Trying to learn online instead of sitting in the classroom. It’s much harder to get help from teachers online when you are struggling because they are busy teaching other classes.


  1. If you opened a business, what would you sell?

Adam: Food, probably desserts. Brownies or any other kind of sweets.


  1. How did you start rooting for your favorite sports team?

Adam: My dad was and still is a big Atlanta Braves baseball fan. We started watching games on television together when I was eight, so that’s how I started liking them.


  1. What super-power would you pick?

Adam: I would like to slow down time because I could get a lot more accomplished every day.