Write Again…Here’s to your good health

Published 3:32 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2021

From time to time I run across, or am sent, items clipped from newspapers, magazines, and other sources that might well lend itself to a column; or at least I would find interesting.  

That said, let me share some recommendations and useful or interesting information regarding our health.  

Live Blue – Thirteen states with the lowest life expectancy were found to lean Republican in presidential elections.

Spirits – Booze can be part of healthy living.  Moderate drinking may prevent heart disease, so men should stick to two drinks a day and women to one.

Apple Juice – A study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease says drinking two glasses a day may break up plaques in the brain related to dementia.

Eat Yogurt – Look for yogurt with “live and active cultures,” which are probiotic and will boost your immune system.

Skip Soda – Consuming sugary drinks may age your cells an extra four years – and even diet sodas are suspect.  Their high levels of phosphorus may weaken bones.  

Warning – Avoid restaurant foods that are labeled “Southern Style,” and “Soul Food.”  Too much grease. The less fried foods the better.

Chill Out – Taking time out of your busy schedule to meditate will help all sorts of conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain, high blood pressure and depression.

Dangerous – Fat that gathers around your middle is the most dangerous for your health, releasing toxins that lead to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  

Wishful? – Romance is good for you!  Men who get in the mood once a month or less have a 45 percent higher risk of heart disease than those who get their groove on two or three times a week.  

These aforementioned suggestions, caveats, observations, I simply just pass along for your interest and consideration. Or not. It’s up to you.

Oh. One last thing. You may be intellectually stimulated, made morally aware, and more open to truths, some inconvenient, by reading the various columns that appear in this newspaper.

How’s that for chutzpah!