Thinking of gold medals, football and more football

Published 9:22 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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I’ve always liked to walk, but never early in the morning until COVID hit. It could also be an age thing, but either way my goal is to be up and out by 6:45 a.m. I’m close most days, but sometimes it’s 7.

The health benefits of walking are well-known, so I won’t waste space, but I do encourage you to get out as much as possible. This time of year, morning is best before the heat and humidity really kick in.

Even after almost two years of daily trips down Main St. and along the waterfront, I’m amazed by how beautiful our town is in the morning.

I think the prettiest spot is on East Main at Jack’s Creek near Haven’s Gardens. It is a truly inspiring sight to watch the sun burn the mist from the river as it rises.

I see many familiar faces every morning as folks of all shapes, sizes, races and genders take advantage of the cooler conditions to start their day on the right foot. I think people are friendlier in the morning as greetings are exchanged frequently. I don’t use headphones so I can fully absorb the nature all around.

Phase one of the newly-remodeled boardwalk is fantastic sets the tone for the rest of my journey. The sparkling water and the green grass of Mac Hodges Festival Park combined with a gentle breeze fully awakens my brain and thoughts of what I’m writing about that day start to creep in. Here’s a glimpse of this morning’s contemplations, mostly in the form of questions.

Now that Bam Adebayo has won an Olympic gold medal with the USA basketball team, wouldn’t it be cool if he brought it home to Beaufort County for a day, just so we could see it (and him)? Bam Day would be awesome. Let’s work on it before training camp starts.

The WDN football preview returns from a COVID-19 induced break in the Aug. 18 print edition. It’s my first attempt at such an undertaking and it’s a lot of work. Hopefully, you will find it informative and maybe reassuring that a normal season will be here soon. The preview has occupied most of my thoughts for the last three weeks, so I’m glad it’s finally complete. Thanks to my boss, the area coaches and their players for helping me pull it off.

Another thought popped up during my preview research. Why doesn’t Southside’s football stadium have a name?

Some have mentioned former coach Dwayne Kellum as a good candidate. He’s the most successful coach in program history and led the Seahawks to a pair of 1A state championship game appearances. Makes sense to me.

Washington’s is named after Choppy Wagner and Northside plays at Bing Mitchell Field, so why not Kellum Stadium?

Speaking of the Seahawks, don’t forget they host the jamboree Wednesday at 6 pm.

Washington, Northside, Dixon, Jones Senior and Spring Creek will join Southside for a series of 20-play matchups starting from the 40-yard line on both sides of the field. Four teams will be playing while two rest.

Two teams run 10 offensive plays, then switch to defense.

The Seahawks will start against Washington, while Northside will face Jones in the first round, then play the Pam Pack in the second.

There will be a pre-Anchor Bowl showdown between the Panthers and Seahawks in the fourth round.

Admission is $5 with all proceeds benefiting the Southside athletic department.

That’s a lot of thinking for one hour in the morning. Hope to see you on the boardwalk.