Richland Seniors

Published 5:24 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Richland Seniors met July 5, 2022. In the absence of President Annette Kelly, past president Ann Cayton opened the meeting with Lois Sadler giving the devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance and led the Lord’s Prayer.

Lib Litchfield read the minutes and gave the treasures report.

The meeting was turned over to club coordinator Alice Briley.

The vice president position was available and club members voted for Steve MacCormack to assume that position.

The devotional position was also available and members voted for Lois Sadler to assume that position.

Community Watch is in need of help for its 10-year celebration

event in the near future.

The club voted to make a donation towards the event. We also made a donation to the Fossil Festival held Memorial Day weekend.

Briley gave a report on the possibility of a day trip in November to be discussed at a later date.

Briley also asked that the club have a picnic-style lunch to be located

at the Ole Hole located on the old Campbell’s Creek Road located off Spring Creek Rd.

Many thanks to member Lillian Hooker for the use of her property for a leisurely day of fellowship.

Ann Cayton closed the meeting with Lois Sadler blessing the food.

All enjoyed food and fellowship.