Dinner on the grounds food is the best

Published 4:34 pm Monday, October 2, 2023

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With the chill in the air and October finally here, that reminds me of Homecoming.  Not Homecoming as you may think, but dinner on the grounds at your church, home of the best food you will get anywhere!

Week long Revivals at night and you had better attend! Churches invited different ministers to their church to preach and the women spent all their time in kitchen preparing the best food you eat on Sunday.  It will be a homecoming of sorts; children will return and invited guest come to eat on Sunday.  Folks come from all across the country to have dinner on the grounds.

I ate collards, boiled potatoes, cabbage, fried chicken, and chicken salad and my father told me that collards taste different each place you get them.  From Farm Life to Old Ford, collards have different taste because they are prepared differently.  Macedonia Church has the best peach fritters around and you can tell by the late Mr. Clayton Revels who walked around with his coat pockets filled with them and that is where I was taught to eat them.

There are no churches that have dinner on the grounds in town; usually they are in the country.  In the fellowship hall or gym, you eat where you can.  Sitting down or standing up with paper plate and plastic forks in hand and a Dixie cup full of water is my usual routine.  We are always invited to Old Ford Church of Christ since I have kin in that area.  When I lived in Williamston, we were always invited to Macedonia or Piney Grove. The football coach was always invited if he had a winning season.

The deserts were always good! Women would spend as much time preparing desserts as they would food.  Cakes and pies were delicious and pecan pie was my favorite dessert along with Mom Bert’s chocolate cake that only my cousin, Wanda Woolard, fixes now.  She got the recipe from her mom.

Young people if you get to have dinner on the grounds, you better go because you will not find better food anywhere.  Try me and you will find out how good it is.

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They were the best of times with the best of friends and in the best of places, Washington, N.C.!  The Original Washington!