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Beaufort County vote totals

Published 9:43pm Monday, November 5, 2012




Precincts reporting: 21 of 21 [updated 9:07 p.m.]


County Commissioners:

*Jerry Langley: 3,854

*Robert Belcher: 3,500

*Gary Brinn: 3,088

*Hood Richardson: 2,966

Donald Dixon: 2,713

Jay McRoy: 2,574

Carolyn Harding: 2,468

Wayne Sawyer: 1,075


School Board, District 1:

*Eltha Booth: 1,892


School Board, District 3:

*Barbara Boyd-Williams: 1,583


School Board, District 5:

*Mac Hodges: 1,277

David Daniel: 617

Proctor Kidwell: 524


School Board, District 7:

*Carolyn Walker: 1,506

Bill Sprenkle: 602


School Board, District 9:

*Mike Isbell: 1,629


County Register of Deeds:

Jennifer Whitehurst: 15,458


U.S. President:

Barack Obama: 9,399

Mitt Romney: 13,918

Gary Johnson: 151


U.S. Congress:

G.K. Butterfield: 2,281

Pete Dilauro: 746

Darryl Holloman: 88

Erik Anderson: 6,352

Walter B. Jones: 13,650


N.C. Governor:

Walter Dalton: 8,947

Pat McCrory: 14,071

Barbara Howe: 374


Lt. Governor:

Linda Coleman: 10,188

Dan Forest: 12,738


Attorney General:

Roy Cooper: 14,166



Beth Wood: 10,773

Debra Goldman: 11,791



Walter Smith: 9,373

Steve Troxler: 13,395



Wayne Goodwin: 10,279

Mike Causey: 12,335



John Brooks: 9,651

Cherie Berry: 12,960


Secretary of State:

Elaine Marshall: 10,798

Ed Goodwin: 11,947


Public Instruction:

June Atkinson: 10,844

John Tedesco: 11,709



Janet Cowell: 10,454

Steve Royal: 12,017


N.C. Senate District 1:

Stan White: 10,159

Bill Cook: 12,826


N.C. House District 3:

Robert Cayton: 4,779

Michael Speciale: 3,118


NC House District 6:

Paul Tine: 6,710

Mattie Lawson: 8,334


Supreme Court [Newby]:

Sam Ervin IV: 8,421

Paul Martin Newby: 11,010


Court of Appeals [McGee]:

Linda McGee: 10,425

David Robinson: 8,383


Court of Appeals [Bryant]:

Wanda Bryant: 9,055

Marty McGee: 9,617


Court of Appeals [Thigpen]:

Chris Dillon: 11,221

Cressie Thigpen: 7,354


District Court Judge [McLendon]:

Chris McLendon: 15,005


District Court Judge [Paul]:

Michael A. Paul: 15,360


Soil & Water Supervisor:

Tracy Warren: 15,461



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