Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis

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Former Washington police officer arrested

Published 5:59pm Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A former Washington Police Department officer was arrested Tuesday and charged with insurance fraud.

Jerry Davis, a former narcotics officer, is accused of conspiring with another man in 2008 to dispose of his truck in Tranter’s Creek then report it stolen, according to officials.

A press release from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said that on July 4, 2008, Davis reported his 2008 Ford F150 pickup truck stolen from his yard, but at the time, investigators developed no leads on the truck’s theft.

In February of this year, the sheriff’s office received information about the location of the stolen truck, said the release. But it was on April 6 that members of the Sidney Dive team found the truck submerged in the water near a boat ramp at Tranters Creek.

On June 24, Investigator Wesley Waters with the sheriff’s office presented the case to the Grand Jury of Beaufort County and indictments were returned charging Davis with two counts of felony insurance fraud and one count of conspiracy to obtain property by false pretenses.

According to officials, the company insuring the truck paid off the truck’s loan.

At the time of the alleged fraud, Davis was employed by the Washington Police Department.

Washington Police Director Stacy Drakeford said Davis was on medical leave for some time before leaving the department in June of 2012.

“It’s a black eye on law enforcement in general,” Drakeford said of the arrest.

Davis was arrested Tuesday afternoon and released on a $15,000 unsecured bond.

An additional arrest in the case is pending, according to the press release.



  • Donald Dixon

    Police Director Drakeford is right; it is a black eye to law enforcement, but mostly because of tainting a mans reputation without solid evidence that they are at fault.

    Do you remember the “Hospital Pharmacy” fiasco? Where the Sheriff’s Drug guys rushed to make all those arrests based on nothing, they were thrown out of court, but not before damaging innocent lives. As a matter of fact, it happens more often than people realize.

    Just remember, just because someone is arrested and the media flashes their name and picture, that DOES NOT make them guilty of anything.

    Davis was a WPD narcotics officer so I’m sure he made some friends… so, who was the “tip” from? I bet an unsavory character that has had brushes with the law – possibly even Jerry Davis.

    By the way, wasn’t it WPD Officer Jerry Davis who confronted Sheriff Jordan about Jordan’s “careless and reckless” driving in the city limits? Yep, Davis had the audacity to call down Jordan for playing, I’m sure that didn’t put Officer Davis on the BCSO Christmas Card list.

    Keep all this in mind, along with the years that went by with nothing linking Davis to any wrong doing, or any evidence for that matter.

    It takes very little to have someone arrested, a lot more to find them guilty of a crime. Don’t let rumor and accusation influence your good judgment, wait for a real verdict after evidence has been offered – that should be fun.

    I am not putting words in Drakeford’s mouth; I feel that the black eye is the injustice that takes place when an innocent person is charged with a crime. The media then takes it and instead of just saying “this person is accused of this…” it becomes, “a former narcotics officer, is accused of…”, it sells so many more papers.

    Stay focused my friends…

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