Commissioners to evaluate county boards and commissions

Published 12:11 am Wednesday, January 8, 2003

By By Christianne Young-Staff Writer
Kendall County Commissioners tackled several items needed since a new county judge and two new commissioners have taken office Jan. 1.
The court authorized Pct. 2 Commissioner Gene Miertschin to confer with the Kendall County Advisory Board members to see who their members are, what additional members are needed, what projects they are working on and what their general status is. Commissioners will then appoint members to the advisory board, depending on the committee's needs.
Pct. 3 Commissioner Darrel L. Lux will contact the Kendall County Historical Commission's Howard Calder to find out how many of the Kendall County Historical Commission's members are interested continuing on the commission.
Commissioner also approved:
The county's auditor said funds cannot be transferred within the first six months of a budget year, Commissioner Russell Busby said.
The signs have caused confusion and have not served their intended purpose, officials said.
Miertschin felt all commissioners should be involved in the signing of the grant for their own precinct. Previously only one commissioner was involved in signing. Miertschin also wanted a limited number of nonelected officials involved in the signing.
He was concerned about the message sent to voters by having un-elected official involved and by not having all the commissioners involved in the signing.
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