Wrestlers take on Christmas invitational

Published 12:22 am Wednesday, January 8, 2003

By By Amber Egbert
There was lots of excitement at Caldwell last weekend as the Huskies competed with nine other teams at the Caldwell High School Christmas Invitational Wrestling Tourn-ament. On Friday, Dec. 20, the Emmett Huskies went up against Vallivue, Middleton, Nyssa, Skyview, Garden Valley, Caldwell, Elko, NV and La Grande and Ontario, OR in a two-day tournament.
Emmett Coaches Bruce Egbert, Dean Qualls, Mike Gentry and Chris Rowley took both Varsity and Junior Varsity wrestlers to compete. First to wrestle for Emmett was Paul Gentry. Paul competes at 103 pounds, but is weighing in at only 89 pounds. His opponent, Avilo (Elko) was a big 103. Paul was defeated, but only because of size difference. Paul's skills still shined through in this match, which ended 4-14.
Chay Hale (E), 125, grabbed his Skyview opponent, Alind, for the first takedown as this match tacked up a high score of 24-12, with Chay having the victory. Zac West was defeated by Holzworth (Sky). Brad Abbe (E) was pinned by Dibben in his first match. Abbe has recently transferred over from Parma and Emmett is glad to have him.
Jon Suyehira (E), 140, just coming back from an injury, had a tough opponent in Gunoe (VV). Jon kept moving in this match, but was unable to avoid being pinned by Gunoe.
Travis Stepon (E), 145, pinned Harlow (Mid). Mackenzie Guzman (E), 152, showed lots of energy as she went after Colley (Mid). Guzman received points for a takedown and had to keep Colley in bounds and try to get him pinned. She kept pulling him back onto the mat as she got him in a cradle and pinned him.
And still another win for Emmett was when Penn Petersen (E), 160, worked over Valdez (Sky) for a pin. Only seconds after this win, Gabe Staples also pinned Hartwig (Cald). It was as if these two Emmett wrestlers, who stepped onto the mats to compete at the same time, had a little competition going other than with their opponents. It was very exciting to watch.
Jake Copeland (E), a freshman, had Boster (N). Copeland, 160, held good with this older, stronger wrestler, but was defeated 0-6 in the end. Preston Gentry (E) pinned Bowen (Mid). Kahn Borge (E) put up a good fight with Schroeder (Elko), but was pinned in the third period.
Dan Rowley (E) wrestled a challenging match against Nakanura (O). This match took these two wrestlers into a battle of skill where Rowley won with pinning Nakanura. Brandon Galbriath (E), another freshman wrestler, showed his talent when he pinned Moore of Skyview.
Emmett's Doug Hale, 119, pinned Kelley (S) and the skill runs in the family as Chay Hale also pinned his opponent Moneriess (LG) bringing the Huskies closer to the top of the Tournament.
Sam Suyehira (E) won 10-2 over Blakley (Sky). Matt Turcato was defeated by Hug (LG) 3-5. Travis Stepon pinned Bright (O) in the first period. Mackenzie Guzman (E) lost to Zander (Elko) and Gabe Staples lost by a 8-13 decision to Morinacka (N). Penn Petersen (E) lost to a quick stout Ontario wrestler, 6-17.
Dixon of LaGrande was surprised by Jack Santens (E) grabbing a takedown and pinning him. Josh Houk got even more team points for Emmett when he pinned Wright (O). Anthony Sears pinned Vidmar (Sky) in a quick match. Mike Kimball was defeated by Hymas (C).
At the end of Friday, Emmett was sitting second only two points from first place. Nyssa with 76, Emmett 74, Elko 72 and Skyview with 49.
The next morning, Emmett was still looking good in the competition. Brad Abbe (E) was very intent on pinning his Skyview opponent Jackson. Brad showed lots of energy and and proved to be successful. Following the coaches rules of priorities, Zac West also gave Emmett points for a pin on his Caldwell match. Jon Suyehira was defeated by Cox (LG).
Penn Petersen (E), 160, almost pinned Jensen (Mid) in the first period but time ran out. Penn won by a decision of 17-5. Copeland won his match to his tough Ontario opponent Cowperthwaite, 17- 1. Both Coach Egbert and Coach Qualls were very impressed with this young wrestlers strength, determination and knowledge as he had some very difficult wrestlers to over come at this tournament.
Preston Gentry (E) performed a quick pin on Cates (GV). Paul Gentry (E) made up for the size difference in his match with Jones (GV) by using his quick reflexes to win with an exciting 7-5 decision. Dan Rowley (E) lost to Nicholes (N). Brandon Galbriath (E) lost to Jordan. Both Emmett wrestlers are freshman this year and are wrestling real well but are sometimes going against older opponents.
Kahn Borge (E), 112, pinned Hampton (O) at the end of the first period. Doug Hale (E) had a fierce battle with Warde (Sky), which ended with Doug pinning him for the win. Suyehira won 7-0 over Braithwaite (Elko). Chay was defeated by Hartley (N). Brad Abbe (E) out wrestled Sheets (VV) by 172. Zac West (E) pinned Rustaunze (GV). Mackenzie Guzman (E) charged after Pagel (GV) taking him down for a pin and win. Gabe Staples (E), 152, lost to Forsberg (Sky). Travis Stepon (E) was defeated by Bowman (Mid). Travis was protecting stitches on his face by wearing a mask and which was a handicap in this match, he chose not to wear it for further competition. Copeland (E) Pinned Perry (Mid). Penn Petersen (E) held on to Clark (C) but was turned and pinned. Jack Santens (E), 171, went into overtime and claimed victory over Browghman (N). Josh Houk (E), 189, pinned Sandovel (Sky) in the first period. Anthony Sears, Mike Kimball, Chay Hale and Brandon Galbriath were defeated in this round. Kahn Borge (E), a Junior, won over Daniel Rowley (E), a freshman,which had to wrestle off in the consolation rounds. Brad Abbe (E) continued his winning streak with a 6-4 victory over Garcia (C). Travis Stepon (E) won 10-1 over McKellip (W). Guzman (E) was defeated by Morinaca (N). Copeland (E) lost to Carsen (LG). Sears (E) won by decision over Wright (O).
Emmett headed into the Championships with six wrestlers going for third place and five wrestlers going for first. The Huskie Team was only five points from second place in the team standings.
Paul Gentry (E) gave up a lot of weight to Avila (Elko) and was defeated. Receiving a fourth place medal. Paul is a great wrestler, he gives up size, not knowledge and experience.
Kahn Borge (E) brought home a forth place medal when he was defeated in his close match to Whiting of Skyview.
Brad Abbe (E) lost to Jones (Elko) receiving fourth. Zac West (E) received third place when he claimed a victory over the energetic Labert (LG). Travis Stepon (E) pinned Godfiey (LG) and was well deserving of the third place medal for third hard match.
Anthony Sears made quick work of Barcloy (O) and received third place.
For the first place championships, Preston Gentry, Jack Santens and Josh Houk all made sweet work of their opponents and won the champion first place medals. Sam Suyehira and Doug Hale did a great job against their tough opponents but were defeated receiving second place medal.
Our final rounds gave Emmett three first place medals, two seconds, three thirds and three fourth place medals. Over all, in the team standing, Nyssa took first with 248 points, Elko took second with 242, and Emmett received third with 238.5 points. Emmett has not been in the top places since 1989-90.
The Huskies are proud and thankful to all their supporters, as Emmett families outnumbered everyone at the tournament.