It Might Come

Published 4:11 am Wednesday, March 12, 2003

By Staff
The membership of the N.C. Legislature has hardly had time yet to get the seats warmed. Insofar as we know from what we hear and what we read, very little in the line of legislation has been discussed to date. But the time is sure to come later when the men will be separated from the boys and the women will be separated from the girls. Of course, we cannot say what will happen eventually, but with the billion dollar shortfall and a new budget to offer, finding that balance will be no easy task.
Then there is possible legislation which might fret tempers and bring about big floor fights. For instance, we read occasionally that there is a possibility that the lottery bill might hit the committee with suddenness. The bill would give the people of North Carolina the job of voting yes or no on the lottery. The legislative bill, if passed, would simply give the people that right to decide. We are told that polls indicate that voters of this state will approve a lottery if such a referendum is held. This bill, if it should hit the floor of either house, will bring about weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.