Letters to the Editor

Published 4:12 am Wednesday, March 12, 2003

By Staff
Dear Editor:
If the county commissioners of Beaufort County are so concerned with fiscal responsibility in our quaint county, what then, pray tell, urged them to foot the bill for the OLF trip to Washington, D.C.? Surely the individuals who went can afford to foot the bill themselves. Or, they can do like the rest of us and write, telephone or e-mail their congressional representatives. But then, that would not be the way of the growing bourgeoisie republican party of Beaufort County, would it?
And on a personal note of appreciation, Thank you Ms. Cochran for sticking to your statement in ensuring that the taxpayers of Beaufort County get their money's worth. How many needed personnel positions could that trip to D.C. have filled for one year at least? Or maybe the money could have been designated to the school system for upgrading of buildings or funding an after school tutoring program so that Beaufort County students are not left behind. Here's another thought, several part-time staff members could have been hired to help staff the rest home or work with our senior citizens. With so many people out of work, let's create a re-education plan to help update needed skills for those seeking new jobs. Did the commissioners really sit down and think about the many, many places that that money could have done much more good for all citizens of Beaufort County? But then, true colors are becoming more and more evident as you and your cohorts, excuse me, colleagues are appealing to those who can assist your campaign funding later.
So, a simple request to the "taxing authority" of Beaufort County, this taxpayer would like her money's worth in better schools, retaining quality teachers, quality law enforcement (I live on the south side of the county and like knowing the sheriff's dept. can easily respond if needed) and responsible commissioners. Well, there's always a letter to Santa for these items or the next election.
Again, Washington Daily News, thank you for allowing me a small voice to fight for a community that I dearly love.
To the Editor:
My sister, Myrtle Peele, has been a resident of Beaufort County Home for 10 years. With this many years experience, I need to speak.
The staff and employees of the home have given her excellent and loving care. I have often described it as, "It's nice to know Angels come in so many sizes and colors."
Anyone who speaks of closing Beaufort County Home, surely has no idea the comfort it gives to a family to know their love one is cared for in such a manner.
To the Editor:
Soldiers fight and sadly, some die for it. All politicians swear to uphold it and some of us defend it. And while others take it for granted, all are protected by it – the Constitution of the United States of America.
Arguably, the most significant amendment legitimizing the freedom of democratic expression is the First Amendment guaranteeing our collective freedom of speech. It is essential for politicians and those that support their respective agendas to bring to bear discourse of legitimate measure to further their cause and reap the rewards or the failures borne from each General Election. By this democratic process, we have remained a free republic for nearly 214 years. This is a notable achievement in modern history, surpassed only by our greatest historical ally – Great Britain.
Today, with over 200,000 of our bravest, best and finest Americans far afield protecting our freedoms and, ultimately, our survival, I watch, often in disgust, those who protest a war that not only protects our economic interests but also ensures our survival as a people. An idealistic consequence of our invasion of Iraq will be the liberation of that severely oppressed people. I believe and trust in the constitution and I champion the right of those protesters; no matter how crude, ill informed, or dispassionate to the plight of the Iraqi people.
Likewise, closer to home, I support the constitutional right of Beaufort County Democrat Vice Chairman Surry Everett to attack the person of Stan Deatherage, and all and whom I stand for, in his published letter to you on 3/4/03; regardless of the fact that he misrepresented my written word to the point of dishonesty, regardless that he saw hate in my heart and misconstrued it as a mirror to his own soul. Few people can represent or, in this case, misrepresent the deeds or words of others without, sadly, opening up a window to their own heart. In spite of the Vice Chairman's atrocious sentence structure and utter disorganization of thought, his point was clearly made and it does sadden me.
It saddens me that my former political party, the party of Thomas Jefferson, now has leaders that speak and think in cliches, demonize their political opponents rather than debate them and promote the divisiveness of class warfare as their political objective in rallying the special interest groups within their dwindling base of constituents. I switched to the Republican Party in 1991, given that my values were more reflected by the political objectives of the GOP. In recent years, the great defection of former Democrats registering as Republicans and Independents suggests that my former party has seriously lost touch with those folks with traditional conservative values that were long the basis of the Democrat Party.
I contend, until Democrat politicians originate a cogent message of meaningful policy, they will continue to lose members. In the meanwhile, I celebrate Surry Everett's constitutional right to speak out; continue to confuse most Democrats and consequently, drive many of them away.
Beaufort County
To the Editor:
Sen. Marc Basnight's office has advised that North Market Street (State maintained) is scheduled for resurfacing beginning later this month. Completion is due April 30.
Those concerned citizens who distributed petitions, and others who supported the project, are due the city's sincere appreciation.
Reps. Arthur Williams, Zeno Edwards and City Councilman Ed Gibson also helped tremendously, and a big "thank you" goes to them.