Strong Candidate

Published 4:21 am Thursday, March 13, 2003

By Staff
It might appear that the Democratic field of candidates for president is getting full and there are eight candidates in the field as we write this.
The latest candidate to throw his hat into the ring is Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri. For 26 years this man has been the Democratic leader in whatever fights have taken place. He is probably as well-known and very possibly better known than any other Democratic candidate now in the running. He made his announcement at a time when President Bush has slipped somewhat in the various polls. A keen observer and an able speaker, we look upon his candidacy right now in the early belief that he is possibly the strongest Democrat in the race. Of course, it is more than 18 months before the November election of 2004. With eight candidates now running and with possibly more to come, one fact is sure. There is no shortage of candidates.
New Hampshire is the first state to pick delegate supporters. Already, it is entertaining Democratic candidates each weekend.