Common Ailment

Published 4:40 am Friday, March 14, 2003

By Staff
We read a recent release which indicated that the governors of the United States, all of them, are making a trail to the White House to ask President Bush and the federal government for financial help. The story indicates that all our states are fighting money shortages. But, in truth, the federal government is facing the same financial predicament.
At least we have been schooled thoroughly regarding the money crisis in North Carolina. In this state we read that money normally expected to be given to counties, no longer takes this course. Thus, counties in many areas are suffering just as the state finds itself in this category. The ailment known as money shortage is a common ailment which apparently belongs to all 50 states.
We, the people, cannot talk about money shortages without thinking in terms of who or what will be called upon to come up with money. That old financial affliction known as taxes comes to mind.