Letters to the Editor

Published 5:47 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003

By Staff
To the Editor:
This letter is in regards to the resignation of Mr. Davenport, Beaufort County's county manager.
After reading the WDN articles concerning the meeting of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners on March 5, let me see if I've got this right:
This reader's thoughts:
To the Editor and
Citizens of Beaufort County:
Let me tell you about a most intriguing man. He won political status by promising pride in one's government. He promised a new and better form of government that reduced the fatness and greed and corrected the ineffectualism of the previous government. He promised to rebuild the economy. And he also promised no more empty promises. However the people of this land didn't know the muscle that would be used to bring forth this change. The man was Benito Mussolini. When he found out that these new changes he had promised were beyond his control to bring about, he made new laws and new committees to grant him new powers over everything so as to enforce his will upon the people of Italy.
Now, here in our own county, we have another. This is a man who consistently promises smaller, better government and to rebuild our economy, but only under his watchful eye. Hood Richardson may say he has the good of our county at heart, but at what cost to us?
The article in yesterday's paper about the Republican Men's Club meeting, I was struck with awe at the remarks Mr. Richardson made. Drug enforcement officers are to go along with social workers to interviews for services? Is Mr. Richardson implying that our poor people are to blame for the drug and crime problem in Beaufort County? It is common knowledge that if you want the really good drugs you don't go down to "that neighborhood," but take a short trip over to one of the more affluent residential subdivisions. Here one can acquire any illegal substance that one may be looking for.
Maybe if Sheriff Jordan's budget wasn't consistently cut and he could afford to buy the equipment and hire the qualified people he needs, he could suitably address this problem.
In the article he also stated that the immigration policies should be reverted back to those of the 1950s. This leads me to wonder what else he may want retrofitted. Is Jim Crow coming back as well? Do we all need to live in fear of the House Committee on Un-American Activities coming to round us up as communist conspirators?
Hood Richardson is a dangerous man. I would urge citizens to vote him out as soon as possible. I urge others in the Republican Party to distance themselves from him politically. He has pulled the wool over our eyes long enough.
Near the end of World War II, Mussolini was hung and beheaded by his own people in an outcry for justice. Maybe if we give him enough rope, Hood will save us the trouble.
To the Editor:
Last month, while in Frederick, Md., visiting an old Navy buddy, I got to talking to Rudy Walch of Washington, N.C., who was waiting for the big snowstorm to subside so he could go home. He mentioned that he lived close to Greenville, N.C., and I said that I was visiting an old Navy buddy here and also knew a Navy buddy who use to live in or around the Greenville area. Now I hadn't seen this buddy in 40 years and asked Rudy if he knew anyone by that name. He said he didn't but when he got home he would check into it for me.
Lo, and behold, last week I received a letter from Rudy with several names of the person in the Greenville area. To this date I have not been able to contact him. So perhaps if you could publish this letter in an effort to find him I would appreciate it.
The Navy buddy was Robert Wilson who served aboard the USS Walworth County LST 1164 about 1961 to 1965 or so.
109 W. Central
Missoula, Mt. 59801
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To the Editor:
Good job Mrs. Hackney on your Sunday editorial regarding our county manager's resignation. It's a Beaufort County trend to waste talent these days. This loss is tragic, but don't grieve for our county manager. He's a talented fellow with lots of opportunities ahead of him. Soon I'm certain he'll realize the Republican commissioners did him a favor.