Published 6:03 am Thursday, March 20, 2003

By Staff
We don't know what we can do until we try
We are having all types of weather since our last meeting a week ago. It is about time that we had some warm days, and yet so often the March wind keeps things rather cool.
EDUCATION: We read that in one unnamed county of North Carolina, there was a movement afoot to raise the taxes in order to build a new school building. At a public hearing one old fellow stood up to speak. The man in charge said to him, "Just tell us how the people of your community feel about this new school building." He scratched his head a bit and then he said, "As best I can see it, everybody is in sympathy with the idea, but hardly anybody is in favor of it."
IMPOSSIBLE: By all known laws and all the findings of brilliant researchers, plus proof on paper and in a wind tunnel, a bumblebee cannot fly. The size of the wings in relation to the body, according to mathematical and aeronautical science add up to the fact that the bumblebee cannot fly. The big problem is that the bumblebee just does not know that he cannot fly.
REVIEW: In this column last week old ABF told about prayer on the front lines in combat and we told about the untimely death of Danny who lost his life in a German 88 attack. Every GI knows about the 88's.
Now for some unknown reason I was tabbed to check regularly about news developments. That was a difficult job in a combat zone. I prayed as fervently as I could that I would weather the storm and return home safely. I loved buying tobacco and I truly was looking forward to hearing the cry of the auctioneer again. The war ended and I was transferred to Pullach, Germany, near Munich. I had never written articles for a newspaper, but about the first week there the colonel called several boys in for an interview. He was about to choose the editor for the newspaper. I told him I knew nothing about journalism, that I was really not interested in the job, and I asked him not to consider me. We talked awhile and he was very friendly. A couple of days later, I got a call to come to his office. I reported as ordered and he said, "Congratulations, you are the editor of this newspaper." I said quickly, "Colonel, we've just won the war, and you've just lost the peace." Then I asked, "What do I do now?" He smiled and said, "Go over to the office and take charge." I said, "Sir, I just cannot go in there that way – you please sir go with me and break the sad news." He did and in the days ahead the colonel and old ABF became close friends. I will tell later how I came to give up tobacco buying and make journalism my life's work, including how I had the good fortune to come to Beaufort County.
TOO TIGHT: This fellow was having a great deal of trouble with sick headaches, upset stomach, loss of appetite, and in general he felt he was about to die. He came to the doctor who gave him a thorough examination. The doctor asked, "How much alcoholic beverage do you consume daily?" The man said, "None, I'm a teetotaler." The doctor then said, "Do you eat excessively when you sit down at the table?" He answered, "Oh, no doc, you don't understand." The doctor then asked, "Are you a big party fellow who carouses half the night?" He said, "Wait a minute doc, you don't understand." The doc then said, "Maybe your gambling, smoking, and other bad habits are telling on you." The man said, "Doc, I'm a minister of the gospel; I have no bad habits and immoral practices. I just have no bad habits." The doctor took a good long look at his patient and he said, "I know exactly what is wrong with you, your halo is too tight."
SHE SERVED: Sometimes along life's pathway we find footprints of someone who has given of her talents and energies to make this or that community a better place to enjoy life. Mrs. Iberia Tunnell of Hyde County came there as a young woman from the mountains and Hyde County has greatly benefited by her service as teacher, servant, and neighbor. She gave of herself with a charm and a smile as everybody was her friend. She was truly a grand old lady.
THAT'S ENOUGH FOR TODAY. We close with this thought. At a party the old-timers were making fun of the younger generation. One old-timer said, "The rising generation retires at the hour the retiring generation rises."