Letters to the Editor

Published 6:42 am Saturday, March 22, 2003

By Staff
To the Editor:
I'm writing in response to the March 17 letter in the WDN from George W. Millard.
First of all, for Mr. Millard to consider himself part of the majority (with him meaning those in favor of building the OLF) he must be keeping the facts he used to come to that conclusion a secret because just from the latest letter writing campaign, over 13,000 letters opposing the OLF were delivered to our representatives in Washington, D.C.
That's a majority, Mr. Millard.
Mr. Millard suggests that the county commissioners have misappropriated the taxpayers' money.
Just to bring Mr. Millard up to speed on the subject, the county commissioners didn't allocate any money for opposition to the OLF until after months of hard work, investigating all the facts, and determining the best course for Beaufort County, which was to oppose the OLF.
The $25,000 Mr. Millard refers to was originally allocated to allow Beaufort County to join the multi-county coalition against the OLF with each county putting up an equal amount. It wasn't where a few people showed up at the commissioners meeting, asked for $25,000 and the commissioners said sure here's the money.
Beaufort County ended up not joining the multi-county coalition but because it was the right course to take, continued to support the fight against the OLF.
From the beginning, private donations have helped fund much of the fight against the OLF with the county monies being used only when absolutely necessary.
The money set aside by the county commissioners is second to none the best use of taxpayers' money for the benefit and future of Beaufort County and I salute their dedication and convictions. End of Story.
To the Editor:
I lost my younger brother in the WTC attack on 9-11, and readily admit I'm totally biased about the lack of concern our leaders show regarding this country's immigration and Homeland Security policies. Also, my stepson is an F-16 fighter pilot now stationed in Arizona. After Desert Storm, part of his duty was flying the "no-fly zone" over Iraq. Needless to say, my wife was a basket case while he was gone.
I found it very disheartening to see this Sunday's front page of your newspaper carrying a color photo and a four-column article regarding war protest, but buried on page four was a short two-column story regarding soldiers' support. I, along with millions of other people, would rather not go to war, but I would like to see your paper be fair and balanced when it comes to stories and color photos regarding a possible conflict.
Our president and our men and women in the services need our support and perhaps a color photo and four-column story showing that support would go a long way.
One Nation Under God,
To the Editor:
I am writing this article to express my views concerning the current situation involving the United States, the United Nations Security Council and Saddam Hussein.
First of all, Saddam Hussein is nothing more than a modern day Adolf Hitler. He is a brutal dictator and a murderer that has murdered and brutalized his own people on many occasions and needs to be removed from power. I believe that when we went to war with Iraq the first time, we should have removed him from power when we had the opportunity. If this had happened, we would not have had all of these problems that Saddam has caused for the past 12 years. If Saddam Hussein were removed from power, the Iraqi people would be able to have a democracy based government that would represent all of the Iraqi people. There are many Iraqi Americans currently living in the United States that support what President Bush is trying to do.
The reason that France, Germany and Russia are against the U.S. and British backed resolution that is before the United Nations Security Council is because they are actually selling these deadly weapons to Iraq. The only country that has ever stood with us through thick and thin is the country of Israel.
As far as the United Nations goes, it is a proven economic fact that the taxpayers of America pay 90 percent of the United Nations annual budget. Nearly 85 percent of the membership of the United Nations consists of third world representation that hate the United States of America.
Every major bank in America has given away billions of dollars into communist governments and into third world nations knowing that all of these governments had no intentions of ever paying the money back. What many Americans don't know is that there is a law entitled "The Monetary Control Act of 1980." This legislation enables the Federal Reserve Board, which oversees all of the major banks in America, to have the ability to exchange U.S. dollars for third world debt. What does this mean for the taxpayers of America? Simply put, it means this -- every major bank in America and in New York City won't lose a dime, but America's taxpayers get to pay the bill.
As far as I'm concerned, the best thing that President Bush can do is to pull the United States out of the United Nations completely. The United Nations is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the enemies of the United States and Israel. I have a solution for all of the members of the United Nations that hate the United States and it is this. Go to JFK International Airport, purchase a one-way plane ticket, physically get on the airplane, and go back to whatever country you came from and stay there. I am sure there are many other Americans who feel the same way.