Published 7:36 am Tuesday, March 25, 2003

By Staff
To the Editor:
My wife Gerda, along with the late Millie Zuidervliet, has for many years volunteered in the Beaufort County Home, by conducting an art class for the residents. Due to physical conditions, she no longer is able to continue this activity. However, we do make it a point to visit the Home often.
We always find the staff friendly, caring and cooperative. The Home is clean and the residents happy and content.
At no time should the closing of this Home for the elderly be considered, even if some additional expenses are necessary.
The citizens of Beaufort County, we are sure, will be willing to share this burden. It will be for the peace and well-being of our brothers and sisters.
To the Editor:
Bath Elementary. School of Distinction?! I think not. If you are moving to get into the district, think again. It was the worst mistake I ever made! Four years ago I moved here to put my child into a better environment and it has been a nightmare ever since. Problems at Bath are covered up and swept under the rug to retain the school of distinction label. The principal at this school has never had the children's best interest at heart. Holding on to this title (and her job) is her only concern. She told me years ago she would stand behind her staff, "No matter what." So for those of you who think the school is such a blessing, allow me to enlighten you.
At this school a teacher has been allowed to do the following:
Tell one student to physically kick another. (leaving a bruise).
Yell at a parent in front of a classroom full of kids. (because she wasn't there at a convenient time).
Shove a child in his desk, get three inches in his face and yell at and belittle him.
Call a parent back and curse at her, scream at her and tell her there isn't an "expletive" thing she can do about it because she and her entire family are friends with the members of the Board of Education.
Talk about students problems with other parents (which is supposed to be in strict confidence).
I could go on but my letter would be too long to print. Who has had to endure this sort of treatment you ask? My child and myself! The principal will do absolutely nothing about it! She will say I am lying, my child is lying and she's never had any complaints before. This is a load of bull! This is her way of avoiding problems and blemishes on the school. Even if you have witnesses to your facts it will not matter because the Board of Education Will Not help. Maybe they are in the teacher's back pocket! I simply asked that my child be moved to another class. They wouldn't do it. I asked that he be moved to another school. How do you keep that from happening? Lie to the other principal so she won't sign the transfer. They have it all figured out!
I will have to move or homeschool my child now. (Parents who speak up have very unhappy kids later on). These people have made my child hate school. I hope their lives will be as miserable as my child's last school year has been. If anyone else is having these types of problems, please, come forward. Maybe one day someone will actually listen to the parents. We are here to protect our kids. Let's do it!
To the Editor:
Goodness! Mr. Wayne Most's attack against Hood Richardson (Letters to the Editor, March 19) is rather severe and, I'm afraid, a bit inconsiderate. Maybe even worse!
I was a reporter on a large city daily, and we reporters were reminded often of the rules and laws regarding libel (in law: "defamation by written or printed words…") and were strongly ordered to avoid it. Mr. Most equates Hood Richardson with Benito Mussolini and points out that Mussolini was "hung and beheaded." Maybe, Mr. Most suggests, "if we give him enough rope, Hood will save us the trouble."
Libel laws are hard to enforce. It's not enough to say you've been "defamed" (and Hood Richardson certainly has been in this instance… Mussolini indeed!), you also have to prove injury as a result, and there's the rub.
Litigation is much too easy nowadays, and I'm tired of reading about these multi-million dollar suits, and I don't suggest Hood Richardson, a really nice guy, incidentally, should consider it. Maybe just a nice apology from Mr. Most.
To the Editor:
Why are the Democrats having such a hard time with the replacing of the Democrats' hired county manager?
This is not a new political maneuver; the Democrat Party, under Gov. Hunt and others have created a huge voter base of support with their appointment powers. Most of their appointees will be on the state payroll until they retire or until the political advantage is reversed.
When I think about the salaries, benefits, etc. appointees and government employees get, in comparison to workers in private sector, it appears we are now a government of some of the people, by some of the people, and for bureaucrats, illegal immigrants, and block voters, who think they are owed something for doing nothing.
As more conservative Republican candidates get elected, we can expect to see more government downsizing, waste cutting and the requiring of more effort by those on the government dole.
I hope the retired county manager will not trash his office like William Jefferson Clinton's staff did when they lost their jobs. And, I expect Mr. Davenport's replacement will also be well qualified.