Published 8:11 am Thursday, March 27, 2003

By Staff
Now is the time to show support for our troops
We've enjoyed some beautiful weather this week. Spring is here. How long it will last remains a secret.
WHICH IS IT?: The young lover said, "My fair one, you reign supreme in my heart. Without you, all would be dark and dreary. When the clouds gather and the snow and hail beat upon me, then I think of you. Immediately the warm southern winds come -- the storms break -- and through their dying showers I see your love shining bright and clear. My rainbow." His sweetheart gulped a moment and stammered as she asked, "Is this a proposal or a weather report?"
WAR IS ON: America today is realizing that we have a war on our hands. With each war report we hear that several more of our boys have been killed. Before this thing is over, we must believe that we shall lose many more. While writing this, a mother poked her head into my office and she said, "I have a son in the National Guard." I saw the tears and all I could say was, "I know what is on your mind and heart." Two questions have been asked. If Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, should not he use them now? If he used them now, it would be smoking gun proof that he has been lying to the U.N. all the time. Then there is a question about life or death with Saddam. Is he dead or alive? The TV pictures show him seated and not moving around. That might indicate that they were posed before the American bombardment of Baghdad.
0002000004D4000005C14CE,ONE SET: A couple, rather elderly, entered the restaurant and ordered steak dinners. Shortly after being served, the waiter noticed that the man was not eating. He rushed over and asked the man if something was wrong or if his steak was tough. The old gentleman said, "Naw, everything is just fine. You see the wife and I have just one set of teeth and it is time today for her to chew first."
SUGGESTIONS: Some suggestions have been made regarding our support of the troops now in action in the Middle East. The one we feel is more practical is that of tying yellow ribbons on mail boxes or doors, or in some prominent place. They would be there day and night and they would be seen by many people. We like this suggestion.
Another suggestion concerns turning on porch lights all night. In the summertime the power sources are often hard pushed to provide enough power to supply the air condition needs. Then, whereas a yellow ribbon will be there day and night, a porch light on in the daytime hardly will be seen. It is good to have suggestions, and the time is here for all of us to support our troops in the Middle East to the fullest. Let us not forget that so many of our loved ones right now have their lives on the line.
00020000034800000A8F342,CONVERSATION: Old Joe, the town drunk, ran into Old Oscar who prided himself on knowing everybody in town including babies and even pets. As they met, old Joe said, "Look here Oscar, I understand that you told the new preacher that I was a no good drunk who wouldn't work, who cheated, stole and that I ought to be horsewhipped." Quickly, Oscar said "Naw, I didn't tell him; I don't know who told him or how he found out."
CHANGES: Let me say that old ABF likes most of the changes brought about in this newspaper. There are a couple I did not exactly huddle up to. But then the younger element wonders how an old codger such as old ABF made it all these years on the WDN.
THAT'S ENOUGH FOR TODAY. We close with this thought. What is a pedestrian? We read that a pedestrian is a man with two cars, a wife and a 16-year-old daughter.