He did it in N.C.

Published 8:30 am Friday, March 28, 2003

By Staff
Twenty years ago, the people of North Carolina and elsewhere over this nation were not thinking in terms of terrorist attacks. No one that we know of thought that in later years terrorist planes would hit the Twin Towers and hundreds of lives would be lost. Of course, no one dreamed of an attack on the Pentagon. In both attacks, the ones directly involved gave their lives also.
Several days ago, the third man known as the planner was captured. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured and turned over to the United States. Since his capture, it has been revealed that some 20 years ago he attended Chowan College a year and then transferred to N.C. A&T where he earned an engineering degree.
Certainly North Carolina takes no pride in knowing that he used the human machinery of this state to prepare himself for future destruction. Back 20 years ago, we never dreamed that his future would be as it has been outlined.