Letters To The Editor

Published 8:31 am Friday, March 28, 2003

By Staff
To the Editor:
A recent WDN editorial (March 22) brought out points of contention troubling many citizens, both Republicans and Democrats. At the first Republican dominated commission meeting we were led to believe that the humiliating and embarrassing events of the past would be replaced with a more professional attitude. That didn't last long.
If Beaufort County is to expand and grow, subdivision ordinances are necessary. As noted in the editorial, citizens watched as experienced and reputable speakers maintained their decorum all the while facing political and personal motivated ramblings. Whether from Cypress Landings, Washington City, Blounts Creek, or anywhere else in Beaufort County, families have chosen Beaufort County in hopes of settling in a well-developed and well-planned community. Subdivision ordinances offer regulations that would protect homes, for example, from pollution by a nearby hog farm springing up overnight. They also encourage more responsible ownership and respect for one's neighbors.
We can't overlook the fact that our county is a Tier One level -- economically deprived by continued loss of jobs resulting in the highest poverty level. The controlling Board members' current mindset of systematic and/or selective political cleansing and arm-twisting has resulted in low morale throughout the county departments. Once again, a reminder that experienced and talented replacements are hard to find. Anyone contemplating employment with Beaufort County will certainly consider the present political climate before accepting a position that may be in the line of fire.
WDN's reported absences of a certain commissioner at various committee meetings and public hearings have shown a disturbing trend. Citizens who voted for more leadership have had to settle for less. Diminished representation and participation in public matters effecting the citizens of Beaufort County is simply not acceptable. It doesn't matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican commissioner. As an elected official you should set aside your personal feelings and do what is in the best interest of our citizens. You should not feel compelled to always vote the partyline. One should be above the lemming approach to politics, following a leader who herds them over a cliff into a sea of egotism.
To the Editor:
We are seeing demonstrations against our Iraq war plans. As you look at the signs held up with their anti-war slogans, it is interesting to note there are no signs demanding Saddam disarm and abide by the 17 U.N. resolutions and 1991 ceasefire that he broke. It is obvious these anti-war protestors are anti-Bush. These actions give aid and comfort/encouragement to Saddam to continue his defiance of the U.N. The U.N. agrees that Saddam has not complied and is in violation of all their resolutions but refused to support America because it hates America's free enterprise system and its success as a world power and leader. Most of these U.N. countries are much older than the U.S. but have not achieved much success in terms of free enterprise, economics, freedom, liberty and military strength. Why do so many of these older countries continue to live in poverty and their people are starved for freedom? Because their leaders want to keep them weak and in poverty as they live in richness. These protestors and the Democratic Party leadership have a consuming hate for President Bush and put their hunger for reclaiming power first. They will not let go of Al Gore's defeat.
Where were these protestors in 1998 when Clinton fired 480 missiles into Iraq? Where were they when Clinton sent our troops into Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia and Haiti? These were acts of aggression but their cries for U.N. approval or "peace not war" were silent as we bombed and invaded these areas. Ex-Presidents Clinton and Carter are telling the world America is wrong about its approach with Iraq. The actions of these two ex-presidents have never been seen before; ex-presidents have never openly attacked the sitting president. Clinton's and Carter's foreign policy record was a disaster and left office without any positive legacy which they realize and so desire. Carter received the Nobel Peace Award because he openly attacked our president and is an appeaser.
Bush has been working through the U.N. for 18 months which has shown that it has lost all relevance and will not enforce its own resolutions. The Democrats say, "we need the U.N." Wrong! The U.N. needs America. The protestors yell "no blood for oil." If America wanted foreign oil, it could have taken over the oil fields in Iraq and Kuwait at the close of the 1991 war. When you make this claim, you clearly show your ignorance and bias. Yes, protestors, you are not anti-war; you are anti-Bush and his administration. Your actions have kept Saddam in power because you are driven by hate for our president. Shame! Shame!
New Bern
To the Editor:
I'm like Will Rogers. All I know is what I read in the newspapers, so I guess that the airport commission is to be congratulated on completely shutting down the airport. All they have ever done is raise the hangar rent and spend many of our taxpayers' dollars.
I have to believe the well experienced commercial pilot who said that Mr. Toms was doing a good job at the airport, but the commission just ran him off. The airport commission, as well as the chairman, should hang their heads in shame and resign their jobs, or is it an ego trip that keeps them hanging on?
Maybe the Republican controlled county commissioners should look at the situation. Maybe an all new board? All I know is what I read in the newspaper. How about it, Earl?