Letters To The Editor

Published 8:51 am Saturday, March 29, 2003

By Staff
To the Editor:
May I courteously remind Brenda Most of Chocowinity and Wayne Most of Washington (neither of whom are listed in my phone book) that our wonderful country, America, operates on a two party system?
The reason we have a Republican majority in our county commissioners is because a majority of Beaufort County citizens voted for them. If we had wanted it otherwise, the vote would have gone the other way.
It is a sad, sad day to see any American speak of lynching some one because of political differences…What are you thinking of?
And to compare anyone to Mussolini indicates to me that you did not live through WWll.
I do not know Brenda or Wayne. I do know Mr. Hood Richardson. I shall vote for him again if he will do us the honor of continuing to serve and I voted for Jesse Helms….Would to God we had more statesmen of this caliber.
Mr. Most, since you know where to buy drugs, please inform our officials. I believe they will "suitably address the problem."
To the Editor:
As the war rages on in Iraq we on the homefront are bombarded with the images of what our military has accomplished. We are told the war is on schedule and then speculation is made to future accomplishments to the liberation of the Iraqi citizens.
I am proud of the U.S. and our allied troops' bravery. I stand behind the effort to remove this terrorist regime one hundred percent. Still, we should recognize where our help is coming from. It is time for America to give God the credit for these and future accomplishments in this war. We should not say within our hearts as stated in Deuteronomy 32:27, when our hand is high that God hasn't done this. We should fear unless we vaunt ourselves as God warned Gideon in Judges 7:2 that, (as we might think in our hearts) our own hand has saved us. If we indeed see victory it will not come because of our own righteousness but because of the grace of God. It will not come by our own power or migh t but by the arm of the Almighty.
My prayer is as Psalms 140:8 says that, the Lord grant not the desires of the wicked and his wicked device not be furthered unless he exalts himself.
Americans, love and support our troops but remember where our strength is, God! Give God the glory!
To the Editor:
Your editorial about avoiding things French (Freedom Fries Taste Better; 3/24) just doesn't go far enough. It's easy to bash the French. After all, they eat buttered snails and stuff. But what about other countries? Real Americans should have their next Rueben sandwich without Sauerkraut. After all the Germans opposed our invasion too. And that case of Molson's Ale in your fridge? Dump it! Canada is also opposed. Same with our neighbors to the south in Mexico. No more tacos for you! Then there's Egypt. Get rid of that bottle of saffron in your cupboard. And what can we say about Chinese food when China so loudly opposed the Bush policy? Don't think you can get around this by "take out." A complete abstaining from Chop Suey is the only patriotic thing to do. Russian vodka is a total no-no since that country is still saying we made a foreign policy blunder. Now, as for that French wine you want to pour out, if you will leave it by the curb, as a public service I will come and collect it.
To the Editor:
In reply to William Buonanno's letter of March 22: Nine addresses were published to help direct the appeals of OLF opponents to appropriate government officials; therefore, the 13,000 letters COOLS dispatched to Washington, D.C., are less likely a reliable reflection of public sentiment, as Mr. Buonanno claims, than a good example of how members of a relatively small percentage of the county's population can create an illusion of numerical strength by each sending multiple copies of one letter.
Even if every correspondent wrote to only half the provided addresses and each spoke for a household or group of as many as four people, it would take more than twice that many letters of opposition to the OLF to represent an opinion on the issue of the slimmest majority of the residents of Beaufort County.
To the Editor:
This letter is in reference to the Beaufort County Home. This facility is, in our opinion, the best and most caring facility that we have encountered either here or in Florida, where we have also had some experience.
The thought that some people want to close this facility down seems almost unconscionable considering the fine and loving care it provides the residents and the consideration it gives to those of us who visit there.
If numbers mean anything, please count us among the ones voting to keep it going.
To the Editor:
There is a class reunion for Washington High School Class of 1966 being planned to take place June 19, 2004. However, we are missing many addresses. What we need is for any parents or friends of these classmates who possess this information to call Keith Woolard at 946-5053 and leave the name, maiden if married, and their address so we can contact them. This help would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Mr. Leggett &Daily News:
Congratulations on the 2001-02 evaluation results that were recently released for the Support Our Students program. The SOS evaluation data have clearly indicated that your program is extremely valuable in helping our state to close the achievement gap that exists between student groups. In addition, the success of your SOS program will no doubt continue to help North Carolina as we move forward to meet the requirements of the newly implemented federal No Child Left Behind legislation.
We want to thank you for your part in implementing quality after-school programming in order to help ensure that each and every student has opportunities to be successful. We also wish to commend you on your outstanding leadership, achievement and service to others. Your community and your state can be very proud of your program's accomplishments. We truly appreciate you and look forward to many more good things from you and the students that you serve.
To the Editor:
We five students, Austin Swain, Skyler Lagcher, Sarah Lowe, Stephanie Lowe and Emily Armstrong, from Bath Elementary School (of Beaufort County), have a petition that we have presented to the Congress of utmost importance. It has come to our attention that the Congress is considering removing the phrase, "One nation under God," from the Pledge of Allegiance because they are concerned that it will offend people who aren't under "The Faith of God." It might offend them to have it in the Pledge, but it will offend us immensely to have them take it out. American people are 70 percent under "The Faith of God" and that makes it obvious that more people will be infuriated than content.
Something else that will support our petition is our forefathers were under "The Faith of God" and they are why we have the Pledge of Allegiance. We have thought this through and have come to the same conclusion multiple times. We wrote this letter so that hopefully people will see why the Congress taking our faith and many other American citizens' faith out of our Pledge of Allegiance would not be very wise.
Thank you for taking your generous time to read this letter.
Austin Swain, Skyler Lagcher, Sarah Lowe, Stephanie Lowe, Emily Armstrong
To the Editor:
Your headline on Pamlico Sounding section of the March 23 edition proclaimed "The news, it's always a' changin'". However, if you look on the top of the Sports section of the same edition, you will see some things never change. Sunday has only one D in the correct spelling.
To the Editor:
What's wrong with you people who protest against actions being taken against Iraq, against Saddam Hussein. Being angry with President Bush is absolutely absurd. You act as if Bush is sitting up there in the White House picking petals off of flowers.
Go to war -- Don't go to war. There are many voices involved in making any decision that affects America. The Bush cabinet, congressional committees, there are rules and regulations and policies involved in any final decisions made. President Bush just happens to be the spokesperson once all decisions are made. I personally feel that all choices that have been made thus far are Right On!
I am shocked at the number of so-called Americans who are not supportive of our American leaders. What should we do? Wait until terrorists decide to attack again, or stop their sorry butts now!
You don't have to agree with every step or every decision made by our leaders America. Americans are like a huge family. I don't always agree with my husband, kids, parents, etc., but we stick together and support each other no matter what. That's the way Americans should be. America is not just where we live. It's who we are. America is in our hearts, our souls. America is in our blood.
Sept. 11, 2001. Thousands of our American family members were murdered. Taken down in the prime of their lives. For What -- Tell Me for What!
There are those of you who call yourselves Americans, yet you have the gall to protest, to question President Bush's decision to fight for America. I feel that anyone who can't or won't support America, President Bush, and the attack on those murderous, spineless cowards ought to be over there with them.
They came into our country, our homeland and killed innocent people. Now more innocent people -- our military men and women, who believe in America and support America -- are in Iraq fighting for a country they love and believe in and you sit there and whine because you don't want war. Well, who in the hell does?
No one wants war for God's sake, but in order to stop terrorism, to protect America from other such disastrous attacks without any consequences, war is necessary.
I love America and I support our leaders. I may not agree with every single decision made, but I support them wholeheartedly. I can't imagine any American not standing tall with love and pride for this country! Anyone who can't or won't should get the hell out!
And that's my opinion, whether you like it or not.
(Son in Army National Guard.)
To the Editor:
My son is a deputy sheriff in a neighboring county. For one of his Christmas presents we gave him several special design ribbed fabric tee shirts. He wears these under his ballistic tactical vest, which has a special pocket over his heart where a "shiny" shock plate fits that stops bullets. He and his fellow officers are afforded respect and provided with current up-to-date equipment. The comment by Hood Richardson concerning the purchase of "shiny" patrol vehicles is at best ignorant. If you want efficiency and results, you provide motivation and proper equipment to have the work completed. I found the previous edition of the WDN and reread the report on the commissioners meeting and their action of denying Sheriff Jordan the funds to fill the vacancies in his department. Also, I read several reports in the WDN about drug arrests made by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Department, nowhere were any of the commissioners listed as having assisted. There was also an article in the WDN concerning our local emergency management team preparing for any possibility of fallout to Beaufort County from any possible terrorist activity. The first responders obviously would be law enforcement agencies, emergency fire, rescue and health care providers. The large area of Beaufort County, and considering a river divides it, would indicate the need for additional officers as well as replacing those positions vacant.
Alan Jordan was elected by the citizens to be High Sheriff. He is purposely, willfully, spitefully being denied the funds to manage the department because of politics. The law officers and citizens of Beaufort County are having their lives and assets put at risk by Hood Richardson and the "personnel committee." We have many fine young men and women in law enforcement in Beaufort County and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The contemptible comments slammed at them, through the attack on Sheriff Jordan, are no less hurtful than the anti-war protestors actions are to our armed services troops.
After Sept. 11, 2001 the general population seemed to realize the danger involved in the duties of firefighters, law enforcement, rescue workers and military service. A grateful nation thanked them for the peril they face on an everyday basis to protect us. Now we have troops defending our freedom in a foreign country and freeing an oppressed nation from dictatorship. At home our remaining troops and law enforcement personnel watch over us.
I want to thank all the law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency workers, military troops and health care providers for the services you provide. May God bless all of you and keep you safe from harm, no matter how it manifests itself.
To the Editor:
There are some individuals who seemingly are ruled by fear, worry and anxiety. This can drain a lot of energy and pleasure out of you.
One such person a while back who fits in this category said he feared of getting sick and having to go to the hospital.
Per se, I was in the hospital six months ago for surgery. I heard the doctor tell the nurse that I needed plenty of sleep for the first three nights. Most of the time when she came with the pill, I was sound asleep. Then, too, they gave me what I call a "sexy gown" as it barely covered the "essentials." I felt like it was on backward (maybe for shock value).
Visiting hours are where your friends come to see you and while there, talk about things that are happening in the community -- giving little time for them to see how you're doing before leaving. The day he was released, the doctor came in with a stethoscope to check his heart, and saying to stop by business office for the amount owed. Good luck and get well soon.
Generally speaking, individuals who are ruled by fear, worry and anxiety think about the possibilities of uncertainties, and of what will happen in the future. These views can be changed by having a positive view of themselves and others in the world. Sincerity in doing this will dissipate fear, worry and anxiety from their life. Life then will give one more joy, happiness and energy for a better life. It's worth trying!
To the Editor:
I read with great interest Mr. Baker's letter in the Saturday, March 22 edition of the Washington Daily News. I must agree with him concerning the United States and the United Nations. Maybe it is time we at least consider pulling out of the U.N. and be more concerned with homeland security and tighter border patrol. If illegal immigrants can just walk across our borders, so could terrorists. To those well meaning Americans providing water stations in the deserts for illegal immigrants to refresh themselves, I must warn, you may be helping terrorists also.
We as Americans must get our heads out of the clouds and realize these "so-called" allies of ours also hate us (unless they're on the receiving end of an aid package). France, Germany, Russia and their gang vehemently opposed the U.S. and British effort to end the Iraqi terrorist regime. Now Russia has been caught selling this same terrorist regime up-to-date military equipment. With allies like these, who needs enemies? Turkey also refused to help, which is costing the U.S. time, money and more importantly the possibility of higher casualties. Maybe we should take a closer look at Israel's friendship with the U.S. After all, what other country would have set back and allowed bombs to fall on their country and not retaliate because a friend (the U.S.) asked them not to get involved?
So, even if a total withdrawal is not feasible, maybe we should at least take another look at who are our real allies.