Lee’s life about to take new flight

Published 2:21 am Friday, January 12, 2007

By Staff
By KEVIN TRAVIS, Sports Editor
Not all high school athletes will go on to play at the next level. In fact, most won’t.
Once their playing days are over, when they put down the baseball bat or volleyball for the final time, they are faced with the decision of what to do next. Several will enroll at college.
For Misti Lee, a former standout athlete at Washington High School, she spent many grueling hours trying to come up with a game plan — a game plan for life.
Lee decided that her best course will be to join the Air Force. Although she’s fully aware of the war in Iraq, Lee thinks her game plan will lead to some great rewards.
Lee will depart for boot camp on Feb. 5. After spending a night in Raleigh for Military Entrance Processing, Lee will head to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio where she’ll be stationed for six-and-a-half weeks.
The first day of boot camp will be Feb. 7, which happens to be Lee’s 19th birthday.
Instead of shagging fly balls, fielding grounders and running the bases as she did last year while practicing with the Washington Pam Pack softball team, Lee will be engaged in physical training, taking classes and shooting guns. That will continue until nearly September.
Lee said her athletic background should help her be somewhat prepared for what’s to come.
While Lee is excited about the next chapter in her life, not everybody is exactly “on board” with her choice to join the Air Force.
It can be tough for any parent to see his or her child leave. But with a child heading into the military, that can just add to the pressure.
However, Lee thinks she has made the right choice for herself.
As Lee’s life begins to take off in a new direction, the WHS graduate knows she’s leaving behind several people close to her heart.
Lee admitted to having some nervousness about taking such a giant step in her life.
Lee obviously hopes that she won’t have to be a part of any war. However, she said she’ll be ready if called upon.
Lee is spreading her wings and is ready to fly.