Family wants justice in young man’s death

Published 12:51 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2007

By Staff
Alligood shot during robbery
The family of John Scott Alligood, 21, wants justice and closure.
They want justice for his Jan. 18 shooting and closure in his death on Feb. 27. Alligood was shot during a robbery, and last week, died from the wounds he sustained.
A funeral for Alligood, whom the family calls Scott, was held Friday at First Christian Church in Washington. His sister, Kathy Youmans, said she counted 300 people. “He was very much loved by this whole community,” she said.
The family is hoping that “justice prevails, whether by law or by God almighty,” Youmans said.
Alligood was shot in January after two men forced their way into his Greenville apartment and robbed him, his roommate and two other occupants, according to a press release. Several cell phones, a debit card and over $200 in cash were stolen from them during the incident, said a spokeswoman with the Greenville Police Department.
Youmans said $60 and a cell phone were taken from Alligood. “We feel robbed as well. My brother is gone for $60 and a cell phone,” she said.
The gunshot “broke two of his ribs and his collarbone and went through his lung twice,” she said. Alligood stayed in critical condition at the hospital for 12 days. He was released on Jan. 30 and was thought to be recovering, she said.
“He was seen twice by the outpatient trauma clinic at East Carolina University,” Youmans said. He was seen at the trauma clinic on Feb. 21, six days before he died, she said. “They said his lungs didn’t sound great. They were shattered at the top. We knew it would take a long time to heal.”
Alligood didn’t get better though, Youmans said. He started throwing up and by “Monday morning he coughed up blood and was having difficulties breathing,” she said. “I sat down on the bed with him. He had asthma. I tried to calm him down. It worked for a little bit.”
Alligood was taken to Beaufort County Hospital on Feb. 26 and had a fever of 104. He was diagnosed with chest bilateral pneumonia. “They gave him oxygen, but it wasn’t doing it,” she said. “He was put on a ventilator. and flown back to Pitt County Memorial Hospital around lunchtime,” Youmans said.
The next day the family got a call at 4:45 a.m. “They told us to bring all the family. He was gone before we got there,” Youmans said.
Youmans said before he died, Alligood said “I’m glad nobody else was hurt. I’m glad it was just me.”
Youmans said Alligood loved his family, his friends and his life. “He never had one bad thing to say about anyone. He didn’t hold any grudges and always had a smile on his face. He was a wonderful,” she said.
The death certificate ruled his death a homicide, Youmans said. Alligood died as a result of a gunshot wound to his chest, according to a spokeswoman with the medical examiner’s office in Greenville.
Detective J.G. Jenkins said police are still looking for the two robbers. As of Monday, police had not made a decision about additional charges.
Glenn Perry, the chief assistant district attorney in Pitt County, said “it’s not a homicide until we have someone to charge.”
Youmans said her brother’s death has been especially hard on their mother.
“He was her only son. He was her baby,” she said.