U.S. program gives Chocowinity police undercover tools

Published 2:07 pm Monday, March 12, 2007

By Staff
Army-designed equipment helps drug investigations
The Chocowinity Police Department is using Army-designed equipment, valued at $21,000, during drug investigations. The equipment and training was paid for through the U.S. Technology Transfer Program.
Quidley applied for the grant in early 2006. He was contacted by the U.S. Department of Defense, Army division and congratulated him on being selected, according to a press release.
The technology transfer program is not a typical grant program in that it does not provide funds for discretionary purchases. It was established to provide technology to state and local law enforcement agencies that apply. Only 390 agencies out of more than 17,000 across the nation are chosen to receive equipment, according to a press release.
The Department of Defense provided transportation to Saint Louis, Missouri, where Quidley trained last month for three days.
The police department received the equipment Feb. 16. Quidley said officers are already using it in undercover investigations.
The technology transfer program was enacted by Congress for state and local law enforcement. The program provides, at no cost to agencies, equipment and training. All equipment is transferred to each recipient agency and becomes the permanent property of that organization, according to a press release.
The goals of the technology transfer process are to identify law-enforcement requirements and match them with the appropriate technologies, according to a press release.
Quidley said, “I’m happy we can get it … for our little P.D. It’s not within our budget.” He said the department could use more equipment.