Washington’s Pfeiffer continues to build on stellar swimming career

Published 6:06 pm Sunday, April 1, 2007

By Staff
Anna Pfeiffer is a fish out of water only when she’s not in the water.
The Washington sophomore said she got her start in the sport at the age of 10 when encouraged by a couple friends who wanted her to try it with them.
When Pfeiffer takes her mark, a ton of thoughts are swimming in her head.
Last year, Pfeiffer made quite a debut with the Washington Pam Pack swim team, qualifying for the regional tournament in four separate events in her freshman season opener.
Her sophomore season was on pace with her fast success at the prep level. She returned to the regionals and qualified to earn a return ticket to the state swim meet. The leadership and stroke strength demonstrated this season earned Pfeiffer the Daily News nomination as female swimmer of the year.
Pfeiffer began her swimming career at the rec level, training with the Washington Gators until the age of 13 when she switched over to the Greenville Gators.
Pam Pack swim coach Spencer Pake, who also coaches for the Gators, called the sophomore a “good all-around swimmer.”
Being a year-round swimmer makes a big difference, Pake said.
Pfeiffer was “really surprised” to get the nomination, she said.
One of the highlights of her season, she said, was placing at the conference meet.
The regional meets would be the last race of her sophomore season, though she qualified as one of four swimmers in a team relay event. An alternate swam in her place at the state level when Pfeiffer was unable to make the meet.
Making it to the big water dance is becoming old hat for Pfeiffer. In her freshman year, Pfeiffer’s times were good enough to take her all the way to the state meet, but she manages to find fault in her stellar freshman performance.
She’s got a few things left undone this year that currently are topping her priorities.
Pfeiffer said she wanted her coach to watch her swim the 200-meter race in under two minutes.
Next year, she hopes for more of the same, but also for better luck at states — for her and for the entire team.
Of her future goals in the sport, Pfeiffer, with no hesitation, spouts off the item at the top of her list.
To get there, she’s hoping for two more strong seasons with the Pam Pack.
The Pack swim team has become her second family, Pfeiffer said.