Happy Mother’s Day

Published 1:29 am Sunday, May 13, 2007

By By KEVIN TRAVIS, Sports Editor
One day, one measly day to celebrate mothers just doesn’t seem nearly enough.
How about a Happy Mother’s Month? Or a Happy Mother’s Year?
It certainly seems more fitting.
Mothers are absolutely the best. Nothing comes close.
They are always there for you no matter what — always. Whether it’s to help with homework, shout words of encouragement at a game, put a Band-Aid on a booboo, offer advice, money or just an ear.
I remember playing baseball in the back yard of our home in Cleveland many, many years ago. My brother threw a high fastball and it plunked me right in the eye. (I still say he was trying to do that.)
I ended up with a nasty black-and-blue, swollen eye. But the pain seemed to go away as soon as my mom put her arm around me and told me that it would be okay.
A little bit of ice on the eye and a hug from mom and I felt great again.
I remember her staying up with me when I was sick. She would sit next to me as I sipped a ginger ale to easy my stomach.
I remember falling off my bike in grade school, which left a nasty gash on my chin. I still have a little scar as a reminder. It also reminds me of my mom being there for me again.
Of course, my dad had to hunt her down at a shopping mall first. After he cleaned me up, we drove to a mall to find her. I still have no idea how he did that because cell phones weren’t even the rage then.
(Plus, I don’t know why he just didn’t take me to the emergency room first, but even dads need to rely on moms every now and then.)
She calmly drove me to the hospital and was there while I received a few stitches.
Fast forward a few years to college, where I probably drove her crazy because of all the times I would change a major and have to go an extra semester (and another, and another). She wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but my mom was always there with money, advice and encouragement.
The same held true when I landed my first “real” job in the newspaper industry some 15 years ago. Even though I was “allegedly” an adult, I still turned to her for advice. If I needed or wanted to complain about my job — something, of course, I never do now (wink, wink), my mom was always there for me.
She was there for me when I needed to talk about a girlfriend.
She was there for me when I wanted to talk about a possible move to another state.
Whenever I need advice now, I don’t hesitate to call my mom, my best friend, first.
Whether it’s something about a relationship, a career, a major purchase or even something as simple as a cooking question, she is always there for me.
Mothers are simply the best.
I can’t thank her enough for all — ALL — she has done for me.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mumsy.
I love you.
Kevin Travis is the Sports Editor of the Washington Daily News. You may reach him at 940-4217 or by email at Kevin@wdnweb.com.